Ever wanted to go on a vacation but the price seems off the roof and totally unaffordable? Well, I know your pains, therefore, today I bring you a list of the cheapest destinations in Europe that you can visit without breaking the bank. These are not just budget destinations but, they also stand out as amazing places with exciting experiences that will leave you astounded!

On that note, here are my top 10 budget destinations in no particular order…

#1 Albania

Beach, sun and sand. Albania is the definitive combination of the Cote d’ Azur and the French Alps in summer. The best part about it however is that it is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. Simply put, you don’t have to break the bank to vacation in Albania.

#2 Romania

Romania is a country of fascinating contrasts, it is beautiful, affordable, and untouched by mass tourism.  From high mountain ranges to charming villages lost in time, Romania has all the charm to keep you mesmerized. Can I hear you say WOW!

Simply put, Romania has something for everyone. Interesting cities and picturesque villages are its trademark. The Carpathian Mountains are perfect for hiking, exploring caves and river gorges, you can also relax in charming houses by the lakeside, and explore old monasteries full of history in the Moldova region, the Danube Delta with over 250 species of birds, the Black Sea and many other unique attractions. Bucharest is good for starters!

Budget destinations in Europe

#3 Croatia

Irrespective of my Immigration police experience in Zagreb, I must say that Croatia is a must see! The countless multitudes of islands, beaches, coves, and bays; all embraced by the crystal depths of the salty Adriatic Sea. Lovers of turquoise seashores, sunshine, and history will adore. Just google Splits and you will be blown away by how enchanting and beautiful it is. Actually, compared to western standards, Croatia is relatively a cheap country. This means your financial assets will provide you more fun, luxury and enjoyment than in some other destinations of Europe.

#4 Slovenia

Think cheapest destinations in Europe, think Slovenia! Slovenia has the beauty of both Austria and Switzerland with over 80 natural thermal springs and healing waters which makes it a popular destination for wellness. Health retreats can be found from the coast all the way up to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and many come for the healing properties of the ancient hills of Pohorje, used for medical purposes. Nowhere seems far away there,whether you’re searching for mountains, coastline or rock formations, Slovenia has a natural beauty and there’s a reason it’s referred to as the heart of Europe. The capital Ljubljana is always a good idea.

Cheapest destinations in europe

#5 Poland

Charming and vibrant cities with perhaps the finest Old towns you can ever see in the World!!! If you love fairy-tale architecture, insane desserts, stunning countryside and a rich history then Poland is for you! It boasts of a very rich culture and the food is damn goooood!! I specifically visited for the “Pierogi”and wow was worth it! I personally recommend Krakow.

#6 Bosnia & Herzegovina

This country has the most welcoming capital in all of Europe. If you are a sucker for the ottoman era bazars you will certainly be delighted to visit Bosnia. In addition, lovers of coffee can discover the unique flavors of Bosnian coffee, but, by far the best thing about Bosnia is its numerous hidden drinking holes and amazing club scene. With a daily budget of roughly lower than the normal in Western Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina will welcome you.

#7 Bulgaria

All ski lovers get in here! Now, as exotic as the Swiss and French Alps are, they are also ridiculously expensive. However, Eastern Europe houses a couple of fascinating ski resorts, including Bansko in Bulgaria right on the Pirin mountain range. This Ski destination is complete with good beginner and intermediate runs and is also very accessible by rail. The town itself has enough charm to envelop you especially while walking its cobbled alleyways and exploring its pubs. With a budget of a minimal budget per day, Bulgaria will be kind to you. Sophia remains my first recommendation to visit in Bulgaria.

Budget destinations in Europe

#8 Estonia

Estonia is home to the amazing Lahemaa National Park, if you are looking for a great wilderness adventure, head on to beautiful Estonia. One of the best things to do is explore the forested national park on a bike and discover rugged covers along Estonia’s coastal paths. In addition, you can even sleep on hay bales in a farm (I pass on that). And in summer, the western part of Estonia houses several gorgeous beaches and inexpensive spas.  With a budget of 70 Euros Estonia will blow you soft kisses.

# 9 Macedonia

Lake Ohrid is the crown of Macedonia and an absolute traveler’s delight. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful medieval churches and amphitheaters. Lake Ohrid boast of magnificent views and clear blue waters. This is simply the perfect destination for swimming, diving and boating. But, let’s say the water games aren’t your thing, head on to the nearby Galičica National Park for the hike of a lifetime. With inexpensive rooms to rent and numerous waterside camping spots, the expanse is perfect for travelers on a budget to seat back, relax and enjoy. With a minimal budget per day, Macedonia will pamper you.

#10 Spain

Surprising right? Well Spain is a whole vibe on it’s own. From the unique beaches, architecture, delicious food and fresh sangria. What more could one ask for??? Prices are way lower that you think and my dear friends the paella is always on point. MalagaBarcelona and Torremolinos remain the cheapest destinations in Europe.

Getting There

Now that you have a list of the cheapest destinations in Europe. If you are looking for low cost flights, you will be pleased to know that most of cities are well connected to a lot of countries in Europe. Blue Air and Wizz Air have flights departing from all the major airports. Ryan Air has ridiculously cheap and attractive flights too. So feel free to book a flight and go explore somewhere this summer!


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