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Free Things to do in Every City!

Hi reader,

We all know that drawing up exciting activities for your trip can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t enjoy the stress that comes with travel. Nevertheless the aim of this post is to simplify the whole process for you. 

Many at times it’s not just about booking that ticket and jetting off…There’s always the question of how to enjoy a holiday to the max without breaking the bank. Very often, the beach becomes the “get out of jail card” as it’s the only free place most people think about.

But what happens when you are exploring a city that has no beach? Well…read along to discover outstanding ways to create unforgettable travel memories for FREE;


1. Take advantage of free Museum days.

Did you know that many big cities offer free museum days? From Paris to London, NewYork etc… there are certain days of the month where tourists can enjoy a free visit to the museums/galleries. There are equally cities that have free museums all year round which you can visit. For instance on the first Sunday of every month in Paris, entry into the famous Louvre, Rodin, Picasso and Orsay museum is free. This is a great activity to add to your list when traveling on a budget.

2. Attend free festivals/Carnivals.

Unknown to a lot of people, major cities offer free events mostly in the spring and summer time. From music festivals to outdoor concerts, carnivals, exhibitions, etc. Last spring while visiting Iceland, I randomly saw a flier about the Stockfish film festival on Timeout, and discovered entry was free. Until date I cherish the sweet memories and network of people I met in this free film festival.  The ideal place to get access to such events is mostly on Time Out, or the city’s official websites, the tourism office or even your hotel reception.


3. Discover Exotic Parks & Botanical Gardens

This is one of the most underrated free activity believe me. From the remarkable Luxembourg garden in Paris to the most beautiful spring garden Keukenhof in Lisse in Netherlands, or even the English Garden in Munich you can never go wrong trust me! Parks & Gardens offer breathtaking views for excellent photos and are equally perfect to relax and take a breath of fresh air. I am a huge fan of nature and outdoor so I never miss a chance to enjoy a picnic or stroll around a botanical garden/park.


4. Hunt for Enchanting Libraries

You must not be a book worm to visit a fascinating library. Some libraries stand out and are filled with so much charm, history and information which is totally worth a visit. Bored in Prague? Pose for a stunning library shot in one of the most beautiful libraries. When in Amsterdam? Sneak into the Amsterdam City Archives for an exciting read on the theft of Anne Frank’s bike. Visiting Admont? Feel like a fairy tail character in the breathtaking Baroque design library. The list goes on and on…


5. Explore different Markets 

few years ago, I go lost in Barcelona and in a bid to find my bearing I stumbled on what would be one of the most beautiful outdoor market I’ve ever seen in Europe. The Boqueria Market! When it comes to markets there are numerous choices, from flower markets to antiques, colorful veggies, fresh produce etc…So exploring markets can be one of the most refreshing and fun free things to do in any city 


6. Marvel at Churches and Cathedrals

In Europe this is a huge deal cos you’d find the most iconic churches and cathedrals with very impressive interiors and unique designs. A trip is deemed incomplete if you have not visited or photographed in a famous church or cathedral while visiting an European city. Adding this free activity to your list is a Must!


7. Sign up for free walking tours

Undeniably one of my favourite activities when I want to fully immense myself and absorb the beauty of a city. Free walking tours are a great way to learn about a city from an expert/local. It gives you a deeper perspective to the history. Additionally the long walk is an amazing way to exercise without even knowing you are on the move. Via sites like Free tour or Generation tour you can sign up and create an unforgettable experience.


8. Enjoy free gym memberships

I recently discovered this freebie. Most gyms offer free membership for a short period of time after which you can choose to subscribe to their service or not. If you wanna keep up with your fitness journey while touring, you can simply find a gym that offers a free trial period and enjoy some free days without necessarily opting for the full membership. To know what gyms in the city offer free trails simply consult google.


9. Window Shop

Yes I said that haha! Probably the hardest one as we all love to splurge every now and then right??? But the idea for me when I window shop during my travel is to discover new architectural designs and styles, and when necessary take some cute photos in the gigantic malls as they always have good lighting and decorations.


10. Curate your own tour

There’s this really cool app called MapMyRun that shows you amazing routes for jogging/walking. It is a good way to sightsee famous landmarks and interesting places in a city. So if you are on a quest to quickly discover a city for free, this is a fast and easy way to map out your own itinerary.


They say the best things in life are free, on that note I do hope this list of free activities inspire you to keep traveling without your budget spiralling out of control.

Happy traveling xx

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