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Happy New Year Guys!!!

2019 sure looks good already and my only resolution is that i ensure all my friends & family learn to take a vacation, relax more often and explore a new destination this year! haha ?. That isn’t too much to ask right?

So this year we’ll be proposing amazing travel packages and resourceful tips to help you all have amazing experiences around the globe. We have our travel Itinerary for the year all set and i’ll be sharing that on today’s post. We’ve also been working behind the scenes to get all the amazing deals with third party companies that we’ll be sharing with you each month…are you not excited already???

….Time for some intriguing news yayyy!!! Budgetingmytrip is growing & expanding, we are proud to welcome our newest face on board… Obinna Nwachuya

So a little about him; 


Obinna Nwachuya is an interdisciplinary creative and avid traveler.

He is very positive, focused and target oriented, one of those friends you can sit-down with all day talking about productivity and how to secure the bag loool! He is what we call a “Correct G”. 

So, as you can clearly see in his photo, Obinna is a proud member of the Sweet Boys Association hahaha (SBA Europe chapter), ladies i’ll leave his IG handle in the comment session, go shoot your shots…he is supposed to be single. ?


This year we intend to be more adventurous, reason why we’ll be exploring various continents. Full travel packages will be available on the site soon for those interested in joining us on their preferred destination. Find below the itinerary for the year and start organising your plans ahead! On this end we are ready for 2019 and nothing is stopping us…question is are you ready???

On this note friends, i leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Helen Keller…”Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all“.  I dare you to be adventurous in 2019! Blessed week ahead fam!

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*By the way, who’s feeling our new webpage cos I am ?*



  • Chioma Ihenson

    6th January 2019

    Let the WANDER begin!!!

  • Frankie

    6th January 2019

    Yaaayyy i love the new site!

  • Prewari

    6th January 2019

    This is awesome Sarah, good job!!

  • arebame christabell

    6th January 2019

    i loooooooooooooooooove. this site got me dripping! its totally bae. i don’t get tired reading it.

  • 6th January 2019

    Go girl! And welcome to Obinna 🙂
    The new website is popping. Love, love, love it!!

  • Christine

    6th January 2019

    Sarah this is beautiful …..good job girl…..

  • Yvette

    7th January 2019

    ?????? 2019 we going globall??. New website looking dope!???

  • Dodzi

    7th January 2019

    This site is very eye-catching, nice and user-friendly… New year new site..?

  • 7th January 2019

    This is so beautiful!!
    I love it!
    I’m coming for lessons

    • 15th January 2019

      I’m so proud of you my Cheriiiiii, I love this new site! Wow good job.


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