Hey guys,

To wrap up the informative posts this summer, today I will be sharing with you not just the most favourable countries, but also the smoothest and easiest ways to migrate/move to Europe legally either as a student first or via job opportunities.

Let us admit it, even though we all love the mother land, it is always a plus to get a chance to experience life abroad and in the long run gain a dual citizenship or a permanent residence. I will not bother listing the pros of holding a double nationality as I presume you already know that.

Even though I know migrating to North America is the goal of many young Africans, Europe can be a starting point for those still waiting to make it to their promise land. At least it is a step towards the right direction if you ask me

This post will include several sections, as always choose the shoe that fits your situation


As a student, most countries in Europe offers you very affordable education and an opportunity to remain in the country as a legal residence afterwards. Studying in Europe is cheap!Some universities are even free… Provided you choose a public university. And yes there are so many courses in English so language cannot be a barrier.

Depending on what you intend to achieve, moving to Europe to study is an open door to many possibilities of Migration in either of the 28 EU countries. Gone are the days when you leave Africa to study abroad and afterwards a good job awaits you at home. With an increase in unemployment, getting a good paying job back home has become a daunting task. At this point in Africa, bagging a foreign degree is not just enough to find a job. Therefore, staying back after studying abroad to start a life in the host country could be a win-win.


Prague’s Famous Kafka

Czech Republic: Czech Republic is renowned for its premium academic institutions famed for high quality research and education. The country welcomes thousands of international students annually and is still open to receiving more.  According to Global Visa Consultants here are 10 reasons why studying in Czech Republic should be your game plan for migrating to Europe;

1. Schengen/Europe Country, you can travel to 27 countries visa free
2. With/Without IELTS admission possible and 4 – 5 years GAP acceptable
3. Study in English language
4. High Visa Success Rate
5. Very Low Tuition fees,
6. Full Scholarship, after 1st year eligible you will pay only 500 Euro per year
7. High Ranking Government/Public University in Prague (Capital)
8. Available Part time Job facilities (25 Hours/Week).
9. Erasmus Facility, You Can Credit Transfer to Partners University in USA, Canada, Australia, more…
10. Easy to get Permanent Residency (after finishing Studies)

administration architecture berlin building
Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

Germany: Whether it’s cars or education, people everywhere recognize “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality. With it’s big industries and booming economy, Germany has many high ranking universities. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Germany as your gateway to Europe;

  1. No tuition even for foreigner (just a contribution of about 250 euros)
  2. Very High JOB OPPORTUNITIES after graduation
  3. Funding sources available while studying
  4. English taught course
  5. Amazing healthcare
  6. Learn German a powerful language
  7. Part time student jobs
  8. Explore Europe without visa
eiffel tower paris during night time
Photo by Rosivan Morais on Pexels.com

France: Studying in France has great benefits and as an alumni of 3 outstanding  French universities, I can tell you that it is worth it! France has 4 categories of Universities; Public universitiesGrandes Écoles , Schools of Art, Design and Architecture and Specialised Schools. The easiest and cheapest are the public universities, with a fee range between €183 – €400 for international students. (Even cheaper that the fees in most Nigerian universities 😂 ) Here a few reasons why you should choose France

  1. Top universities
  2. Very cheap tuition
  3. Ability to apply for nationality after 2 years of study
  4. Quality lifestyle
  5. Aids available like CAF, social assistance etc
  6. Unrivalled cultural dynamism
  7. English Courses
  8. Learn French a useful language
  9. If in the RIGHT field job opportunities available
  10. Cheese, Wine and Baguette 🤣

Other amazing countries with similar benefits include; Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Italy; Poland etc…


I bet most people in Africa do not believe that you can actually get a job in Europe with full visa sponsorship from the company. Well new flash you can! And this is another easy way to move.

As always, I give you information that I have tested and have proof that it works. I know friends that have moved from Nigeria with the recommendations I will be sharing.

Under this category I will share the top websites, companies and countries that offer jobs with full visa sponsorship. Although most of these jobs are in IT and engineering, but you will find plenty of jobs in other areas, like business, sales, health care, and education.

black and white business career close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The links below are not limited to Europe but you can refine your search to any European country you desire


Visa Job Offers



Landing Jobs

Tech me Abroad

Visa OK

Relocate Me

Do It Relocation


Most people might not like living in Central or Eastern Europe but trust me, this is another passport to getting into Europe very easily to work as most international companies have opened in the cheap parts of Europe. The idea is to get in first, and move to your desired location.

Companies I know like; AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, Honeywell, Exxon Mobil, Avast, Solaris Bank, etc offer visa sponsorship. All you need do is just refine your search on the their website to central or Eastern Europe (while searching for a position online).

To conclude, there is a french saying I love so much; “Qui cherche, trouve”…Meaning He who seeks, FINDS! So if you really want to move abroad you must be wiling to search, because for sure you will find.

Best of luck guys…xx



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