BLOGVERSARY…Telling it all!

One year ago I hit PUBLISH! That small step was the birth of budgetingmytrip, my very own travel blog. One year later and all I can say is happy blogversary!. It is fact that very few blogs survive their first year, but here we are growing and certainly getting better.  So, today’s post will be a “Tell it All”.

As my loyal readers, I am sure you may have wondered why I started blogging about my travels, what the past one year has been like and most importantly what I plan for you all in the coming year. This special blogversary post is aimed at addressing all these. However, before we commence, I can confidently say, the biggest impact I have felt as a travel blogger is that now, I travel with a purpose… 

A walk down memory lane

I remember sitting down and sharing travel insights & tips with my sister and all she said was ‘Sarah you are too passionate about travel, it’s high time you share this with the world’. With absolutely no idea about blogging or running a website, that same night thanks to her, I discovered WordPress and published my first post, and the rest they say is history!

The Journey So Far

What a journey…from visa struggles to airport dramas, sleepless nights, continuous research and undiluted adventures. It truly has been very exciting but also exhausting. I have a full-time job, but also have to travel, research and create useful content every week. So with no sugar coating I will say it’s been quiet a hassle. Regardless just from inception of the blog till date I’ve been able to explore 3 continents, more than 20 countries and about 32 cities. Feel free to entertain your eyes with amazing photos on my  Instagram

Cozumel Mexico
My favourite Travel photo in the past year

Lesson(s) Learned 

Oh well major lesson; Holding a green passport as a travel blogger is not a joke! haha…OK to be honest the biggest lesson has been accepting the fact that when you truly start pursuing your dreams, the people you expect to support you might not believe or support your dreams… But this should not change your love for them!


What would this page be without amazing readers like you? Honestly, with a high rise in travel blogs along with unlimited online resources available, readers have more than enough options. But you all still choose to click on my posts, read and support me. Therefore, I would like to express my profound gratitude. THANK YOU to every subscriber, reader, friend, family and FON member(Friends of Nigeria). Your constant support is a source of motivation to book my next flight and travel thousands of miles because I owe you the best content.

To my amazing team and guest writers…words are not enough to show my appreciation. I’m greatly indebted to Yusuf Sarah and Obinna Nwachuya for their continued and unquestionable support. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What Next???

As we continue exploring the world and bring travel closer to you, we at BudgetingMyTrip are truly set for big things and I am glad to have you on this journey with me. From new exciting travel tips following my recent explorations around the globe to amazing insights and fun surprises. As usual I will continue to remain liberal and honest with all useful info I share and hold nothing back from my readers. 

On this day as you celebrate with us, please kindly subscribe if you are yet to and spread the word about us to your family, friends and groups. 

Once again Happy Blogversary! 

*Petite advice to future bloggers- Don’t be afraid to start…Find your niche and stick to it. Forget what they make it look like on the gram, just stay focused on creating your own unique content and let time do it’s job



18 thoughts on “BLOGVERSARY…Telling it all!

  1. Frederick

    Congratulations to you on this milestone! We will be rooting for you for bigger things this coming year.🙌👏👏


  2. Tarimobo Michael Otobo

    congratulations, i was surprise to know that Budgetingmytrip is only a year. The content of the blogpost and presentation is on another level. I am only waiting to see you do even greater things and be receive reward for your excellent work. Best wishes.


  3. Tutu O.

    Congratulations on your blogversary Sarah! Wishing you higher heights and more exploration! Cheers to exploring together very soon!!


  4. Happy blogversary dear, I will be rooting for you always. I pray for more grace to remain unique then you go blow!!!! You must still buy Benz!!!! 🤣🤣🤣💖 cheers to better things 🥂 😘


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