Danish people they say are the happiest people in the world, so I and Motu thought, why not take a trip to experience this happiness first hand. Well, happiness I did find for myself personally! But what didn’t find happiness is my bank account that was hit from the heavy weight of the Scandinavian living. Guys it’s no joke a bottle of water cost 2.5 euros in a regular supermarket. C’est impossible!!!

…Just like a work of art, Copenhagen’s canals, colourful buildings, boats, relaxed culture, cozy walkways, ancient buildings and restaurants are truly magical. So magical they inspired H.C Andersen’s legendary fairy tales.  Sincerely, Copenhagen is perhaps the prettiest pearl Scandinavia has to offer its many visitors. To the budget traveler, Copenhagen like most of Scandinavia is very expensive, but as usual I got your back! I’ll be sharing some tips on how to travel Copenhagen on a budget.

yellow and blue boat floating in a canal
Copenhagen Canal

Major tips on saving money in Copenhagen

  • Save on transportation by renting a bike, this is not only going to save you a lot of money it will also give you the opportunity to move at you own pace and explore the many beautiful attractions in Copenhagen.
  • Avoid the famous 711 supermarket you see everywhere (that’s where water cost 2.5 euros😂). Just direct yourself to LIDL.
  • To save cost drastically, stay in Malmo, Sweden (preferably close to the train station) and commute to Copenhagen by train to explore. It’s only a 45 minutes ride to arrive in the city centre.
  • Kill 2 birds with one stone. If staying in Sweden, you can dedicate a day to explore Malmo too. Meaning in one trip you can successfully explore both countries
  • Cook a meal per day to save the cost of restaurants, it is best you shop at affordable supermarkets like lidl, WeFood and Netto. In addition, Too Good To Go is an app that allows you get exotic restaurant meals at much discounted prices.
  • Make sure you claim your tax refunds, if you are visiting Copenhagen from outside the EU you qualify for a 30% refund on any purchase above 3000DKK. Ensure you collect a tax free cheque from the store and all you have to do is claim it at the airport on your way out.
  • I did notice in Nordic countries that some restaurants offer free buffet entrees. It means you only get to pay for the main course. Make sure to ask when you go to a restaurant for this. We almost missed it since the waitress assumed I knew.
Motu & I 😍

What to see in Copenhagen for free

Expensive Copenhagen has some free attractions for its visitors, which means you can have fun without spending a dime, below are some free attractions:

  1. Amelieborg Palace where Queen lives
  2. Black Diamond Library
  3. Strøget, the longest shopping pedestrian street
  4. The Marble Church
  5. Walk through the canals with a view of the colourful buildings
  6. Botanical Garden
  7. Little Mermaid
  8. Frederiksberg garden
  9. Visiting in Autumn or Winter? Explore the attractive Christmas markets 
  10. Island Brygge Harbour Bath
  11. The Six Forgotten Giants
  12. Superkilen Park

In addition, if you want to easily enjoy Copenhagen on a budget download My City Highlight App, this is a free app that alerts you on the best things to see in Copenhagen. Information on the app is updated regularly by locals.

If you are a foodie like me, it will excite you to know that Copenhagen is home to worlds best Michelin starred restaurants, while there explore the New Nordic Cuisine Movement and you can do this for less than 100DKK (around 13 euros).

To summarise guys, What I did notice right from my arrival in Copenhagen is how nice and tender spoken the Danish people are. They even address you with names like darling, dear friend…etc! I find that to be a great consolation for the high priced living. Personally the kind gestures  made me forget I was spending a lot of money.

I would say that Copenhagen’s culture is mostly about healthy living, clean water, fresh air and outdoor living like most Scandinavian countries!

Loved the lighting on this building


Sarah D



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