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Hi there!

I am Sarah, a young and passionate traveler exploring the world one city at a time but on a budget…My story wouldn’t be complete without first flashing back to those nights spent circling out travel expenses from my bank statements and reflecting on other alternatives those funds could have been spent on. Admit it, we all aspire to live the good life, to go further and experience it all, yet we’re held back by cost and fear factors that are sometimes as huge as those aspirations themselves. What if I could share all my travel insights with you, help you break new grounds and demystify your travel experiences?


Curated by a travel enthusiast with several years of collective travel experiences across the world, BudgetingMyTrip believes in the power of sharing and co-creation. The vision is simple;

To demystify the art of travel through my content. Hence sharing insights, tips and useful information which helps everyday people plan their own travel experience without breaking the bank.

Leveraging my years of travel experiences, I provide bulletproof itineraries on exploring different countries on a budget. Yes I know not all travel plans have happy endings due to huddles like visa struggles and regular surprises. How do I know? Because I have been there too…But these experiences contribute to making life an adventure with great stories & tips to share. Hoping you’ll enjoy them and as well learn a thing or two 🙂

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Out side travelling I also enjoy planning and organising, I focus mainly on destination events, private parties group excursions and ceremonies! Suffice is to say I enjoy anything that involves making people create happy life time memories…

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