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I am guessing you clicked on this post because just like me, you also enjoy discovering new delicacies. Hmm yummyyy…To put it in simple terms, we are FOODIES, and we are unapologetic about that! haha

Taking your taste buds on a tour and trying out new cuisines from around the world is certainly an inspiration to travel. Do you know that you are yet to eat the best food ever? Hell yes!

Anyway, of all the great delicacies in the world, there are 5 great cities that every true FOODIE must visit to have a complete experience of gastronomic heaven. Matter of fact is that each city has something unique to offer. From amazing Michelin starred restaurants to unresistable street foods that will leave you longing for more…Below are my top 5 in no particular order.



Tokyo, is the food capital of the world, with 226 Michelin starred restaurants, this cultured Japanese city has established itself as the world’s greatest foodie city. Eating in Japan is a sacred culture. People there are enthusiastic about their meals and enjoy spending quality time eating with family or friends (Shabu-shabu).

Must try in Tokyo:

  • Shabu-shabu; This is the Japanese hot-pot, it is a meal of meat, vegetables, a little rice, bread and green tea of course.
  • Sushi; Japan has great sushi made from the freshest salmons and shrimps.
  • Ramen; Scrumptious tasting noodles that comes in different flavors and with several different condiments. There is certainly a ramen dish for everyone.
  • Yakitori; A very traditional Japanese chicken meal, it is absolutely delicious.
  • Kaiseki; It’s a typical Japanese buffet consisting of a variety of dishes. The best thing about Kaiseki is that it’s not just food, it is art. Ensure you indulge in this luxury haute dining experience.

Japanese cuisine


Ever heard of “Soul food”?  San Francisco is a foodie’s delight. This city’s culinary landscape is a blend of Italian, Japanese, French, Dutch, and Latina cuisines. In San Francisco almost everything is fresh, thanks to its sensualist farmer’s market that thrives with organic home grown produce.

Must try in San Francisco;

  • Dutch crunch; This is a bread staple in San Francisco. Throw in some Italian meatballs and home grown sweet peppers and enjoy a truly worthwhile experience.
  • Cioppino; A very rich seafood stew, made of fresh sea produce (Fish, mussels, calamari’s etc.) cooked in a rich tomatoes sauce and served alongside bread or Naan.
  • Ribs; I love meat, but I love the ribs the most!!! In San Francisco the best ribs in the world are served alongside a creamy spinach sauce. You have to eat this roast hunk of heaven.
  • Clam chowder served in sourdough bread bowl; This is actually the most San Franciscan food you will ever eat. If you are wondering what to eat for breakfast in San Francisco try this delicacy with a Swedish pancake (this is also a staple in San Francisco) and you will be glad you did.
  • We all know Americans love their sweets and will certainly eat some sugar like the rest of us. San Francisco is home to the world’s best Salted Caramel.  You can have it as a sweet, or on pastries or as an ice cream flavor. Whatever the case salted caramel is truly a delight in San Francisco.


The French are the custodians of fine dining. And till date Paris, the capital of France is still home to some of the world’s best cuisines. Did you know that all the best chefs in the world pay homage to Paris? OK now you know that lol…

Must try in Paris;

  • Ofcourse the ‘Baguettes’, ‘Croissants‘, ‘Escargot du Raison‘, ‘Pain Au Chocolat‘, ‘Macaroons‘, and ‘Crepe‘. French pastries at its finest will leave you mesmerized.
  • When you think of great food in Paris definitely try a steak + frites, raclette, dauphine au gratin, and a bottle of true French champagne. (Did you think i was going to leave out the champagne, nooo way)
  • Lastly, help yourself to some cheeses, accompanied with a traditional saucisson (sausage). France has some of the world greatest chesses and they know how to eat it.  


Tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and truffles…Food in Florence is out of this world! Aside the classic pasta and staple Italian pizzas, medieval Florence is best known for its huge Florentine steak. It is a true signature cuisine of Florence and a must try.

Must try in Florence;

  • Florentine steak; A very huge 1 -3 kg roasted steak served with a rich truffle sauce and mushroom. It is by far the biggest and tastiest piece of pure bliss on the planet, you can lose yourself as you savor this moist, delicate, and amazingly flavored steak.
  • Ragu Pasta and truffle mushroom pasta; These are traditional Italian pastas that will delight on every level.
  • In addition, Florence has great Italian gelato, cheeses, cure meat and vegetables. 
Florentine steak

Florentine steak


Heavily influenced by Catalan cuisine, food is a huge part of life in Barcelona.(Outside football of course hehehe) Infact, most people plan their days around the meals they will be eating as lunch is the major meal of the day in Barcelona. 

Must try in Barcelona;

  • Paella; PLEASE, don’t ever go to Spain without eating a Paella. This rice and seafood one-pot dish is a delight and must-try. *Pro Tip- Accompany your Paella dish with a cold glass of Sangria. Come back and leave me a thank you comment when you try that combo!
  • Tapas & Empanadas; They are snacks and the center of most social gatherings in Barcelona. Tapas range from patates bravas to manchego cheese and a light doughy pastry.


I’m guessing you are hungry after reading this piece? Hungry enough to jet off and experience your next best meal…



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  • Liam

    8th March 2020

    I’ve literally been looking forward to a food post Sarah. I’m quite curious to try the Japanese cuisine. Thanks!!!

  • Teee

    8th March 2020

    Sushi…always my best ?

  • Henry Eze

    8th March 2020

    Foodie, we are here o. I’m bookmarking this.
    Thanks Sarah! Another classic piece, as always!!

  • Jane

    8th March 2020

    You left out Lagos o! Jollof rice, egusi soup, puff puff, Buka stew. We have food ooo

  • Nicola Dabelow

    11th March 2020

    My foodie treat is a cooking course with locals. I did it I Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Latvia, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden and has my weekly private cooking lessons for 1 year in China….

  • Damilola Kuteyi

    20th March 2020

    Interesting…so many new foods to try..well, when i have the Paella and Sangria, then I’ll thank you for this amazing post 😀


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