Dear summer, 

Rumour has it that you have still not shown up fully. And oh yea, it’s also been raining more than ever lately! 

At this point, 2020 summer is starting to look even more elusive, but who cares? Truth is guys, if summer has still not found your city, it’s time to go search for it yourself lol.

So, I came up with an ingenious idea for today’s post, and I am certain that you’ll love it. It’s a compilation of bullet proof itineraries around Europe, comprising of all categories of travel personalities. Be you a lover of history, nature, adventure, beaches or cheap trills, stay assured that there’s an itinerary that will leave you gobsmacked! The idea is simply to spur you to take a break, and live your best life despite the hard times we are currently facing in the world.

I hand picked these itineraries based on a few important factors like; proximity, easy accessibility, cost efficiency, and overall outstanding travel experiences. This implies that you can easily connect with all the cities/countries via fast and affordable ground transportation between 1-4 hours(bus, trains, car sharing), making it seamless and stress free.                      



If you are all about clear emerald waters, idyllic sandy beaches, or any location with vivid blue waters, then you are on the right page. Here are a few itineraries i have put together to cure your wanderlust.

▶︎Itinerary = 5-7 days

▶︎Countries covered = France, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal

▶︎Ground travel time = 4 hours or less to connect via trains, buses or cars.

▶︎Average total budget = €300-500

– Bordeaux, France Bilbao, Spain Santander, Spain.

– Montpellier, France Barcelona, Spain Valencia, Spain.

– Seville, Spain Faro, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal.

– Marseille Nice + The French Riviera region Monaco.

– Dubrovik Split Zadar (Croatia)

– Serville Malaga + The Costal del Sol region. (Spain)


Do you love fairy-tale architecture? If yes, then here are some culturally enriched cities i have curated. These cities are bedazzled with the finest of craftsmanship, inexpressibly artistic and astoundingly diverse. No doubt you will be excited!

▶︎Itinerary = 5-7 days

▶︎Countries covered = Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Liechtenstein and France

▶︎Ground travel time = 4 hours or less to connect via trains, buses or cars.

▶︎Average total budget = €350-600

– Budapest, Hungary  Bratislava, Slovakia  Vienna, Austria  Krakow, Poland

– Athens  Thessaloniki, Greece  Sofia, Bulgaria

– Lyon, France  Geneva, Switzerland ➜ Milan, Italy

– Rome  Florence ➜ Bologna, Italy

– Vaduz, Liechtenstein  Zurich, Switzerland ➜ Strasbourg, France


The Scandinavian and Nordic countries are hands down the best countries to experience nature, serenity, fresh air and healthy living. They have the most beautiful canals, relaxed culture and cozy walkways. The scenic views are to die for. Below are a few itinerary samples I have made.

▶︎Itinerary = 5-7 days

▶︎Countries covered = Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

▶︎Ground travel time = 4 hours or less to connect via trains, buses or cars.

▶︎Suggest daily budget = €350-550

– Copenhagen, Denmark  Malmo, Sweden Gothenburg,Sweden Oslo, Norway

– Oslo Kristiansand Risor Arendal Grimstad, Norway

– Gothenburg ➜ Stockholm ➜ Uppsala, Sweden


Do you love a blend of flamboyance, elegance and adventure? Well the cities below offer tourists high class sophisticated experience. From iconic views to unforgettable adventures, these cities will leave you longing for more and more fun. In short, the following itinerary suggestions will awaken the gallivanter in you trust me. 

▶︎Itinerary = 5-7 days

▶︎Countries covered = The Netherlands, Belgium, CZ, Austria, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, & Hungary.

▶︎Ground travel time = 4 hours or less to connect via trains, buses or cars.

▶︎Suggest daily budget = €250-500

– Amsterdam  Rotterdam  Antwerp  Brussels 

– London, UK Paris, France  BrusselsLuxembourg

– Prague, CZ, Dresden, Berlin,  Hamburg, Germany

– Nice + The French Riviera region Monaco.

– Berlin  Prague  Vienna  Budapest


It’s very simple. Catch a flight/train, explore an uber-cool city and come back home REFRESHED! Short breaks & getaways are evocative, easy to plan and way more affordable than you think. Below you’ll find some itineraries to help you escape reality.

▶︎Itinerary = 2-4days

▶︎Countries covered = Spain, France, Germany, and Italy.

▶︎Ground travel time = 4 hours or less to connect via trains, buses or cars.

▶︎Suggest daily budget = €100-250

Florence Pisa  Cinque Terre Riomaggiore, Italy.

– Aix-en-Provence  Marseille  Toulon, France.

– Venice Trieste  Pula, Italy. 

– RomeNaples  Sorrento, Italy.

– Barcelona  Andorra, Spain.

– Munich ➜ Nuremberg  Stuttgart, Germany


If you don’t wanna break the bank but still want to explore beautiful places, then the following itineraries will have you living the champagne life with a coca-cola budget. These cities are known to be some of the cheapest in Europe and filled with fun and adventurous activities.

– Bucarest, Romania  Sophia, Bulgaria  Belgrade, Serbia

Budapest, Hungary  Bratislava, Slovakia  Kraków Poland

– Zagreb, Croatia  Ljubljana, Slovenia  Trieste, Italy 

P/S For each itinerary feel free to start with whatever city suitable foy you as they are all within close proximity. So, my dear friends, now that you got all it takes to enjoy summer 2020, (except most of us who didn’t achieve our desired summer body this year lol) I wish you bon voyage!!! 


  • Damilola Kuteyi

    21st June 2020

    Aren’t you just the best? Travel plug like no other

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    21st June 2020

    Awesome one Sarah! Very detailed. Thanks for always making our travel plans much easier!

  • Kris Nobody

    21st June 2020

    Wow…always on point.

  • Frederick

    21st June 2020

    Elusive summer, very much so! But we travel las las…?

  • Abisola

    22nd June 2020

    You’re the best ? Now I need to plan my Summer Trip. Thank you so much

  • Yvette

    3rd July 2020

    Notes well taken! ? ? Always on point! ??


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