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I smell Christmas, but, dear readers have you figured out the perfect city to spend the yuletide season in? If no then today I bring you this list of budget Christmas destinations in Europe. The options vary. From small villages with lots of love and snow, to big cities with lots of lights and vibrancy. Today’s post is specifically dedicated to readers in Europe who are in search of a budget Christmas destinations in Europe.

Something about Europe at Christmas time seems to exude a festive spirit… From the Christmas markets to the mulled wine, to the cobbled old towns. Some spots in Europe appear to fall from the pages of your favourite fairy tales with storybook setting.

From urban Christmas markets to Dracula’s castle, these cheap European cities below are full of sights that are fun, fascinating and very easy on the wallet.

budget christmas destinations in europe


Barcelona tops the list as a budget Christmas destination in Europe. The Christmas traditions in Spain are very fascinating and full of festivities with unique rituals and customs that are known only to the Spanish. In Spain, holiday season means lots of turrón (Christmas special), so time to eat your heart out lol. ??.From Nativity plays to magical celebrations and Christmas fairs and festivals, Barcelona is definitely a good idea. Food and accommodation are cheap and flights are also quite reasonable as you can see below;

Paris to Barcelona

In Berlin, as the sun goes down, the lights go up! Berlin is also a great budget city to spend the holidays. With lots of fun activities, the city is one that never sleeps during the holidays! My recommendations include; Christmas parties on the boat with treat of comedy, The magical Christmas botanical garden, Christmas films festivals, The Christmas Circus and lots of musical concerts, Berlin definitely is a vibe for Christmas! Tickets are also pretty cheap during the festive season.


Unparalleled in beauty, Prague boasts of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole of Europe, with its famous attractions all decked up and all the streets shining brighter than ever. Trust me, celebrating Christmas in Prague feels like nothing less than a carnival. Picturesque castles, ancient towns and stunning countrysides. It is definitely one of the most famous on the list of budget Christmas destinations in Europe.

With an unending list of things to do, the most recommended things are; Exploring the picturesque Christmas markets, watching world class performances, breath-taking orchestras and dance arts, Attending the Advent and Christmas concerts at St Salvator Church, Ice skating in the historic old town and visiting the Castle to feel like a royal.?

A glimpse of PRAGUE in December

Prague is also very affordable to enjoy the holidays as tickets are quiet cheap, food is also very cheap and beer is even cheaper…haha. ?

budget christmas destinations in Europe for 2019
ticket from Paris

By far one of the cheapest and budget Christmas destinations in Europe in Spain. Malaga remains one of my favs…If  you are not a fan of all the cold and white Christmas thingy, then…Malaga is for you!  In Malaga there’s always this tangible sense of excitement in the air as the locals prepare for the string of festivities, the weather is not so frightful (13-18°) and there are a list of activities to enjoy. Different national surveys recommend Málaga as the best Spanish destination to visit at Christmas, and I totally agree with that. A stroll around the capital will really amaze visitors, especially Málaga’s most emblematic street, Calle Larios, in the centre of the city’s Old Quarter.

From the amazing musical shows to viewing the nativity scenes, magical orchestra performances and Christmas fairs, Malaga is an absolute MUST to enjoy. For beach lovers, the sun always comes out to play during the day, so you can enjoy a day by the beach or explore beautiful nearby cities like Marbella, Torremolinos etc… Accommodation and food in Malaga is unbelievably cheap that you will doubt it. Tickets in December are also very reasonable.

budget christmas destinations in Europe for 2019
Paris to Malaga

The beauty and views of this city is enough to get anyone daydreaming! Christmas in Budapest is such an amazing idea because it’s a city with an enthralling heritage and a contemporary artistic style that has a way of making visitors feel welcome!

As budget travel European cities keep getting more expensive, Budapest remains a top budget Christmas destination in Europe. From heart melting light shows to World’s famous Ice Rink. With Christmas markets, Danube cruises and an endless list of activities. Budapest is a place to be.

Thermal baths is a MUST in Budapest. Take at least one afternoon to dabble in the Gellert or Szechenyi thermal bath and enjoy outdoor saunas and steam rooms, all in a beautiful flamboyant neo-Baroque style setting. The largest ever seen in Europe till date.

As usual, tickets, accommodation and feeding in Budapest are very affordable.

budget christmas destinations in Europe for 2019


Now that you have this list of the budget Christmas destinations in Europe, here are a few tips that could be helpful;

  • Date flexibility can save you up to half the cost of tickets as prices in early December are 40-50% cheaper
  • Travelling with friends or family can help you split cost and spend less than going solo
  • Some tricky destinations may have cheap tickets but extremely expensive to visit e.g Amsterdam, Zurich etc, so be careful.

Now that you have this detailed list of budget Christmas destination in Europe, I hope you enjoy the holidays ahead!

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