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Hey guys,

I’m back!

But first, if you did not read the post from last week to get the intro of the gist on CANADA, please refer to previous post.

As I was saying, so I was onboard enjoying my own cinema which of course I knew was not going to last long when a baby started crying in the plane. Combined with the noise from my petite Miramax studio, it was total chaos, heads kept turning, passengers muttering and using their favorite word “putain“, very typical of any angry “Frenchie” sincerely, I was proud of myself to have finally created so much disarray after all I had been through earlier…HaHa.

The gentle man next to me then offered me his headset, but since I was feeling naughty that day, I declined telling him to enjoy his 10 dollars investment ?. Finally, my golden moment arrived! The airhostess arrived saying I was creating nuisance and I asked her what I was supposed to do for 8hours with no food, no movies, and no comfort to sleep onboard. Then I got the first good news that my ticket included meals on board, but they were just waiting to finish serving those with special needs. I was elated, finally FOOD. And in the end, I was offered a sleeping mask & a blanket for free! While another nice gentleman offered his head phones to me LOL! it was a win-win situation if you ask me.✌?



I arrived Canada, and was warmly welcomed by my beloved family, it was a priceless moment. Actually, the major highlight of 2019. However, I didn’t let that distract me from my mission to spy the land though.

My first observation coming from Europe was how massive and spacious everywhere and everything was…OMG the roads, vast land, fresh air and gigantic houses. Here I was feeling like a queen in my kingdom in Europe with my 60sq meters flat. Guys, I mean nobody was in a hurry in this country! genuine smiles, very relaxed, tranquil and serene environment. The land indeed looked promising I thought to myself…


I absolutely loved Canada, but my most exciting moments were also the weirdest honestly. The experiences/activities I have chosen for today’s post were specifically because of the funny memories created while I visited. In no particular order my top 5 are as follows;

1.       Jack Astor’s- After a very eventful day, we decided to hang out, and to the right, I noticed a group of people singing happy birthday, with the waitress holding a cake. The Nigerian in me took over and I told my sister and cousin that I was going to fake my birth too…HaHa and so did I just to get a free cake! Here’s the video. What a transparent country where no one even asks for an ID to confirm, In Europe, France especially, you will even be asked to present your grandfather’s marriage certificate I bet you LOL.

2.       Copa Cubana- This place is the typical example of that saying; “Something must kill a man”, and in this case it was FOOD! This Brazilian steak house serves you varieties of well grilled meat & chicken. The concept is very creative, and I love it. Below is the little souvenir we used to identify what we wanted. Red signifying stop and blue meant keep it coming. After more than 2 hours of this delicious enjoyment, I could not move!!!

Blue…keep it coming

How they bring each meat


3.       Downtown Toronto- Everything happens down town I heard, so we took a day to experience it and it was worth the hype. From visiting the famous CN tower, to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada then to Roundhouse Park. Most exciting was the photo shoot session with my multi-talented cousin Jassy and my big sister Obebi…I convinced them these photos would get me a husband, so dear readers do not disappoint me *wink*



The pic i promised them will attract the hubby haha


4.       Faking a Canadian French accent- This comes with so much satisfaction friends! In Montreal, I decided to only speak with my half-baked Quebecois accent and it was fun, I even got my Starbucks bill paid…soft skills right?

5.       Tried some Poutine, Ketchup chips and drank Somersby for the first time. New discoveries that I absolutely loved.


loved it!

funny last but nice


After what I would call a perfect vacation all thanks to the minister of entertainment Tyson (TIP- get you a Tyson in your life if you want to enjoy life to the fullest), once I arrived choking Paris, it was back again to being in a hurry to nowhere, angry people, unreliable transport system and loud protest everywhere! But hey it’s still the city of love LOL!

So, did I find milk and honey in the promise land? Yes…but I realized it did come with a prize. In as much as I loved Canada, the lavish living and overly comfortable lifestyle we all see or hear about comes with a lot of hard work, determination and consistency.

In the end I did conclude that we actually can create our own promise land. I know, compared to other countries Canada has so many great benefits, but for those that have the intention of moving there permanently, all I can advise is as you wait on your grand arrival, learn a skill, educate yourself, be ready to hustle and take risk because the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Lastly, I also learned to be grateful. Europe might not be dream land to many of us, but all thanks to the same Europe, I acquired the best education for almost free from one of the best institutions, I work with a fortune 100 company, I’m exploring the world and basically living life on my own terms…that for now is my own promise land I am creating for myself here in Prague, Czech Republic.

P/S Special thanks to my beloved family- Obebi, Uncle Mac, Jassy, Renee, Tyson and his squad for making this trip PERFECTO!!!



Canada until we meet again its au revoir from this end!

Sarah D.

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