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 Ahoj Guys,

It’s been one year since I moved to Czech Republic (CZ) ? that makes it my anniversary… yay ???.  On this exact date last year, I left the extreme comfort and luxury of the French Riviera and moved with a box full of uncertainty to CZ. A country I knew absolutely nothing about! With a perfect blend of excitement and fear, mixed with some doubts I embarked on the journey that would change my life forever. It was the journey to discover life on the other side. Kind of sounds like I was the proverbial lab rat right? Well, I was the experiment and was expected to provide feedback to my friends and family, who I am sure were pretty concerned.

So, firstly let me introduce you the country I now call home, Czech Republic…Culturally enriched, bedazzled with the finest of craftsmanship, inexpressibly artistic and astoundingly diverse. This country is certainly one of the gems Europe can boast of.

One of the most beautiful things about living in CZ is that it is conveniently 2-4 hours away from other countries like Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland etc. Believe me when I say this “after all my years of traveling and discovering Europe, I finally found the fairytale city we all read about in our story books…it’s Prague, the capital city of CZ”. Lined beautifully with ancient cobbled stones and spotting modern luxuries, Prague is the perfect blend of flamboyance and elegance.

Prague Old Town


There’s an amazing thing going on in this country which I will share with you my beautiful readers as it might be helpful to many.

CZ is a land full of opportunities…Did you know that with a rapidly evolving economy the doors of CZ have been opened to several multinational companies? I’m talking high profile names like Microsoft, Avast, Oracle, SAP, Accenture etc. And these companies in a bid to build the best teams in Europe recruit young professionals from all round the world, even offering visa sponsorship to several employees. So in the CZ you can be sure, opportunities are based on your competences and ability to deliver, not on your nationality like in most EU countries that offer the famous pick up line- “Irrespective of your skills, we are looking for a candidate that holds an EU passport”.  ??

Are you looking to grow professionally and career wise? Do you love working in a multicultural environment with up to 60 nationalities? Are you a fast learner, tech savvy and ready to move abroad? If yes then it’s time to reevaluate your priorities and take that bold step. CZ maybe your new home soon 😉

Sincerely, I love France, Italy, and Spain etc. but let’s be realistic, sometimes it’s hard to break into the job market for non IT people in countries like that. I am talking from the perspective of someone that has schooled, worked and lived in Western Europe. The chances of getting a job in a multinational company is very slim. I know the struggle because I’ve been there. But as humans we are all afraid of change, we convince ourselves to stay in the same position hoping that one day the land will be fertile. It may or may not pay off…so the choice to create change is up to us.

Auspiciously, the companies I am talking about in CZ don’t know me so this isn’t a paid advert to try to bring people to CZ, but a post to motivate those interested in taking a bold step to move to a different country. I compiled this list of international companies in the CZ, I’ll be glad to share with you if you reach out to me.

….Who knew I could be so serious, talking work and career ha-ha. Now here’s my take on the CZ…

BEER with me! 

Price of beer- 1€

Price of water- 1€50

I kid you not my friends, beer is damn cheaper than water. So please “beer” with the alcoholics in the country, you might be one when you come here too?‍♀️?.

There’s even a Beer Museum lol

All eyes on me ?

This has both its pros and cons, some days I’m mistaken for even Oprah and everyone I meet just appreciates my black girl magic. But on the reverse there are the bad days where been black makes life more complicated. Like just last week I found 3 misplaced credit cards in my building, trying to be the good girl mama raised I tried to reach out to the bank and they contacted the owner. He got in touch with me and guess what? Because I was black this good gesture got misinterpreted, I was mistaken for a suspect and things escalated to the police. Such is life, the price we pay for the bad names our brothers have created. ??‍♀️.



As if moving was not enough of a bold decision for me, I decided for the first time to try online dating in the CZ.

Ha-ha ladies and gentlemen let’s save that post for another day. But boy oh boy I had some blind dates with a couple of short and restless guys with a hell of crazy and remarkable stories. ?? Remind me to gist you all about it ok?

Winter Trick

Let’s face it, there is no fairytale without a dark side and in this case it’s the winter.

Quite a depressing period as it’s very dark and gloomy, but I found the trick as I always do…Scheduling my work vacations for winter and traveling to the sunny parts of the world. Instead of drinking and eating pork soup with the whole country I figured a vacation would be a better escape route.

So guys here’s my take on the CZ. Was it easy all in all? NO. Was it worth it? YES ?. Make sure to visit and send me photos


  • Ayo

    26th May 2019

    I should visit ?

  • Chris

    26th May 2019

    Nice write up Sarah. You just make me want to try out Czech.

  • Titilope

    26th May 2019

    Prague looks beautiful. Bravo for having the courage to move! It is in thoughts now, lol.

  • Bidemi

    26th May 2019

    Nice piece! Now I want to move to CZ not just because of its beauty but majorly because I can build a career there. Sounds really promising.

  • 27th May 2019

    Beautiful as ever!??…. now I’m considering visiting Prague and freelancing there.? please what do you think regarding freelance?

  • 28th May 2019

    Czech Republic is an amazing place. I was there in 2016. Prague was an amazing place to visit. Your photos have re-kindled my desire to take another trip there. Have you been to Cesky Krumlov in the south west of the country yet? It’s truly wonderful. If I had an EU passport it’s where I would choose to live.

  • Fikiri

    28th May 2019

    As i have been in Poland so i can feel somehow about CZ, thanks Sarah for sharing i like your stories about discover Europe.

  • yvettesimons

    31st May 2019

    Lol i want to know more about the online dating please ???? Thanks for wheting our appetites for CZ ?


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