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What can I expect from Denmark?

Just like a work of art, Denmark’s canals, colorful buildings, boats, relaxed culture, cozy walkways, ancient buildings and restaurants are truly magical. So magical they inspired H.C Andersen’s legendary fairy tales.  Sincerely, Denmark is perhaps the prettiest pearl Scandinavia has to offer its many visitors. The Danish people are very warm hearted, soft spoken and unarguably the happiest in Europe. And as a tourist expect to feel the same as their positive vibes are very contagious.

Major things to see/ Our favorite spots

Trivoli Gardens
Frederiksberg garden
Bornholm Island
Amelieborg Palace
Botanical Garden
Maritime Museum
Viking Museum
Lego Land
Kastellet Fotresse

“Nature & wild life”



Cost of visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen like most of Scandinavia is very expensive but pulling up a budget trip is not impossible. Lodging expenses are almost the highest in the whole of Europe but the tips belows can drastically help you reduce cost while visiting

Accommodation – (depends on the season)
Airbnb- 30-70 euros for a private room in a shared flat.
Hostel- 25-50 euros per bed in a shared room
Hotel- From 70 euros above


Suggested daily budget – 55-65 euros. This is the suggested budget if you are staying in an Airbnb, cooking most of your meals and using public transportation. It does not apply to a someone staying in a luxurious hotel who eats most meals outside. For the latter the budget tips below can help you reduce cost

Money Saving Tips

Save huge on transportation by renting a bike
To save lodging cost, stay in Malmo, Sweden and commute just 40 mins to Copenhagen by train.
Take advantage of free buffet entrée in restaurants
Avoid the popular roadside shops like 7-11 and shop in cheap supermarkets like LIDL, WeFood and Netto.
Always claim your 30% tax refunds when you are leaving
Tap water is drinkable, always have a sustainable water bottle.

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