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What can I expect from France?

Did someone say cheese, romance, wine and apero? Absolutely yes!!! La France is a multi-faceted destination that differs from others through its amazing terroirs and regions. Historically enriched, culturally diverse, and home of the most exquisite gourmet cuisines. As world’s top tourist destinations, France offers every visitor a huge range of options; stunning countryside, spectacular beaches, the French Alpes and vibrant flamboyant cities. You can always expect the perfect holiday in France because the country never disappoints.

Eiffel tower
Louvre Museum
Chateau de Versailles
Luxemburg Garden
Vieux Lyon & Fouviere
Promenade des anglaise
Disney Land
Old towns

“Paris Underground”


“Louvre Courtyard”

Cost of visiting France

Certainly, visiting a top tourist destination has its pros and cons but for Paris there is always a choice depending on your budget. Both accommodation, food and transportation vary according to what cities you go, but in general prices are quiet fair.
Accommodation (depends on the season)
Airbnb- 25-55 euros for a private room in a shared flat.
Hostel- 18-40 euros per bed in a shared room
Hotel- From 55 euros above


Suggested daily budget – 35-55 euros. This is the suggested budget if you are staying in an Airbnb, cooking most of your meals and using public transportation. It does not apply to a someone staying in a luxurious hotel who eats most meals outside. For the latter the budget tips below can help you reduce cost

Money Saving Tips.

Get the city pass and save cost on transportation and had entry to museums.
Take advantage of free days to visit museums (varies in each city)
If you must, use uber instead of a cab
Booking accommodation from 2km from the heart of the city saves cost drastically.
Take advantage of free walking tours.
Take an accommodation with a kitchen.
Never change your money at the airport.
If you must eat out, don’t miss out on lunch menus.
Tap water is drinkable, always have a sustainable water bottle.

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