L’Espagne is one of our favorite countries as every visit feels like going back home. The tasty paellas, fresh sangria, breath-taking beaches and the all round good vibes cannot be matched to other European countries. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Girona, Mallorca, Ronda etc. beauty, beauty and more beauty is all we think when it comes to Spain. Of course Spain has a lot to offer historically, culturally and socially. Suffice it to say that one thing that motivates tourists is the affordable lifestyle is many Spanish cities. It makes visiting and exploring a lot more fun when you can splurge and just enjoy without breaking the bank!

P/S: Our fav cities include all the cities in the Costal de sol (South of Spain), Barcelona, Madrid  and Palma de Malloca

Cost of Visiting Spain

Certainly, visiting top cities in Spain sure has its pros and cons but for sure there is always a choice depending on your budget. Both accommodation, food and transportation are very affordable but vary according to what cities you go.
Accommodation (depends on the season)
Airbnb- 15-45 euros for a private room in a shared flat.
Hostel- 15-40 euros per bed in a shared room
Hotel- From 35 euros above

House sitting is also very common in Spain, you get to live like a local and enjoy the true beauty of life in Spain Trusted Housesitters is a site where you can find houses to live in for free in Spain.

Food in Spain is good and also cheap, you can certainly afford to eat in restaurants across Spain and still maintain a good budget. You can get breakfast for around 5 and lunches and Dinners for between €9-€25.

Cost of visiting Spain

Money saving Tips

  • Public transportation is cheap so thing of either getting the 10 tickets pass or Get the city day passes.
  • Take advantage of free days to visit museums (varies in each city)
  • If you must, use uber instead of a cab
  • Booking ahead for Spain always saves cost as you can get a great location for cheap price.
  • Take advantage of free walking tours
  • Never change your money at the airport
  • If you must eat out, don’t miss out on lunch menus
  • Tap water is drinkable, always have a sustainable water bottle

Things to do in Spain

To enjoy Spain here are a few but highly recommended things to do as a tourist;

  • The Royal Palace in Madrid
  • Girona and Dali Museum
  • Visit archaeological sites like Le Ramblas.
  • The famous Sagrada Familia & The Gothic Quarters
  • Experience a Flamingo Show
  • Whale watching in Tenerife
  • Party and dive in Ibiza
  • Lounge on any of the beautiful beaches
  • Make sure to try a typical Spanish cuisine and Sangria
  • Climb the famous Gilralda in Seville
  • Experience a live football match



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