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What can I expect in Switzerland?

Oh yes we love Switzerland! I mean who wouldn’t? A land of beauty, conglomerates, culture and languages. Switzerland is indeed full of charming towns, Corporate Centers, perfectly green meadows, remote mountain cottages and tall alpine trees. The country jumps at you like a fairy tale which is why we highly recommend a visit to Switzerland as a tourist. Although quiet an expensive country for the budget traveler, yet suffice it that it is absolutely worth it.


The Broken Chair Memorial
The Reformation Wall
The European United Nations Headquarters
The city on two wheels
Natural History and Art History Museums
Checkout C.E.R.N
St. Pierre Cathedral
The Chillon Castle
Hike Mount Saléve
The Plainpalais Market
Geneva’s Botanical Gardens
Mount Pilatus

“A Swiss City”


“The Swiss Alps”


Switzerland is definitely not a cheap country to visit, however like here is what to expect in terms of expenses

Accommodation – (depends on the season)
Airbnb- 35-80 euros for a private room in a shared flat
Hostel- 35-55 euros per bed in a shared room
Hotel- From 60 euros above

Accommodation in Switzerland can be daunting as the prices are often very high, however if you book way in advance, you can get always find something in a good range.

Suggested daily budget – 55-80 euros. This is the suggested budget if you are staying in an Airbnb, cooking most of your meals and using public transportation. It does not apply to a someone staying in a luxurious hotel who eats most meals outside. For the latter the budget tips below can help you reduce cost.

Money Saving Tips

  • Get daily or weekend passes, it allows you unlimited transportation within the city and also access to several attraction within the city.
  • Do not bother changing euros to the Swiss currency as most places accept euros or cards.
  • If you must eat out, it is cheaper to go where locals eat and avoid restaurants and stores in touristy areas.
  • To drastically reduce lodging cost, you can stay in nearby countries like France and commute to Switzerland by BlablaCar, train or bus. Both countries share borders and are very close. For e.g stay in Lyon if you plan to visit Geneva. (distance is around 1hour 30 mins to arrive Geneva and tickets cost 10-20 euros)
  • For smaller cities It is advisable to do a day, meaning you arrive in the morning explore all day and leave at night to save cost on lodging.
  • If possible, book an accommodation that offers free breakfast
  • Always have a sustainable water bottle as tap water is drinkable

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