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Arguably one the prettiest of German cities, Dresden is where history meets modernity. A city with picturesque landscapes and major arts collections.

Once known as the “Florence on the Elbe”, the beautiful city turned into a dark pile of ruins…

Let’s rewind back to World War II? The city of Dresden was totally destroyed, but since the 90s’ on, Dresden has spent a lot of time on restoring Dresden to it’s former glory. And the most historic and well-known landmarks have been rebuilt. Owing to this experience, Dresden is a diffusion of the baroque-rococo style and modern artistry.

Enough of history, now let’s talk about more interesting things in Dresden. Did you know that Dresden has a museum for hygiene? How cool is having a fun museum to promote health education.

On today’s post, I will share insights on why you should plan a visit to Dresden and what fun (but affordable) things you can do in Dresden


*Perfect location: It is in the middle point between two top tourist cities; Prague and Berlin (less than 2 hours distance between both cities). So this means while visiting Berlin or Prague, you can take a day drip to Dresden. How cool!!!

*It’s a rare gem: In Dresden the architecture is nothing but majestic! In the city centre, you will find the baroque style of East Germany. Honestly, it’s very rare to find such a unique city with a mixture of the old and the new all in one.  

*Unique Art: In Dresden, there are art treasures in more than 30 museums. There is even an “Anti-War-Museum” which is a rare find. In simple terms, the city of Dresden is a Treasury castle

*Easy accessibility: Navigating through to Dresden is not a daunting task at all since there are way numerous and cheap option. Thanks to it’s apt location, you can find a bus, train of car share to Dresden very easily.


For a unique experience in Dresden, I have compiled this list of the top 10 things to do.

  1. The Zwinger is a MUST to behold
  2. Experience the unique Trabi Safari
  3. Explore the historic old town.
  4. Have a walk on the ‘Balcony of Europe
  5. The procession of Princes
  6. Touch, smell and taste at the Museum of Hygiene
  7. Visit Dresden Frauenkirche Church
  8. Feel like a royal at Dresdner Residenzschloss palace
  9. Visit Semperoper Dresden’s resplendent opera house
  10. Get lost in the hidden passage ways
  • Suggested budget

For a day trip from Prague or Berlin- With approximately 45-70 euros you are covered

Transportation by bus or train: 10-25 euros

Amazing lunch at Sphienkeller 15-20 euros 

Miscellenous – 20-30 euros

Needless to say that a trip to Dresden is absolutely worth it and will leave you in awe…Enjoy a few photos of me in Dresden!


  • Christabell

    27th January 2020

    I really like old school etiquette of fine dinning and arts. I will be visiting.


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