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Today we will be exploring Geneva in 1 day ?.Geneva is an absolute beauty. Talk about its charming towns, corporate City Centre, perfectly green meadows, remote mountain cottages and tall alpine trees.

The city jumps at you like a fairy tale. Breathtaking Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. Located in the francophone speaking part of the country. It is also home to numerous reformed tourist attractions and global landmarks. Geneva is certainly one of the very best travel destination anywhere in the world.

As a city, Geneva is located on the southern side of Lake Geneva and surrounded by the Swiss and French Alps. It houses the headquarters of several organisations like Europe’s United Nations, International Labor Organisation (ILO), World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the Red Cross.It is also a global center for world diplomacy and a global corporate finance center. Geneva perhaps houses the highest number of international organisations in the world.

Being one of the world’s most expensive cities, visiting Geneva can be pretty daunting for the budget traveler. However, budget travelers can afford to spend one day in Geneva and we are going to show you how.


Since you have just a day to explore Geneva you need to arrive the city early enough. I will advise spending the night in France and crossing the border into Switzerland the next morning. Aim to arrive Geneva at 10:00 am.

Firstly, it’s a taboo to be in Geneva and not pay a visit to the iconic Lake Geneva. This amazing crescent shaped lake should be your first point of visit, in my opinion grab a sandwich and have a nice picnic at the lakeside (how’s that for breakfast?)

After breakfast, board the three hour boat tour that takes you from the northern shore to the southern shore of the lake. It’s relaxing and entertaining. Then take some time to indulge in a little shopping or perhaps a spa ;).

Secondly, make sure you behold the water fountain located at the point where Lake Geneva meets the Rhone River. The most exciting thing about this fountain is that it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Now, I’ll advise you visit this spot again when you leave Geneva at the end of your tour just so you can catch the view of the fountain from the pier when the fountain is lit up. It’s simply breathtaking.

Thirdly, walk round the flower clock located at Park Jardin Anglais. This is located southwest of the waterfront and is such a beauty you simply cannot miss it. Switzerland is known for its mastery in the art of watchmaking and is home to famous watch brands like Philip Patek and Rolex.  You can pay a visit to the headquarters of these brands as they are adjacent the flower clock.

Geneva Flower Clock

Geneva Flower Clock

Fourthly, visit the old town and get yourself some amazing pictures while exploring the linked alleys, tiny squares and nice little family owned restaurants. The old town is a 12 mins walk from the flower clock and easily accessible by foot. Make sure to see the charming St. Pierre Cathedral nestled in the town.

Fifthly, I’m guessing it’s about 2:30 PM now so head on for lunch. The old town has several Italian, French and Swiss restaurants. You can certainly have a great dining experience without spending a fortune of course.

The sixth thing to do will be to head off to Bourg de Four Square for an unforgettable shopping experience or an unforgettable window-shopping experience. This is Geneva’s oldest square and home to several luxury shops and cozy cafes.

The seventh thing to do will be to visit the Museum of Natural History, this is truly an incredible place to be in. you can see fossils from several extinct animals including a dinosaurs bones and there is also a piece of rock from the moon which was gifted to the museum by NASA and this museum is absolutely free.

Geneva Museum of Natural History

Once you are done with the above attractions, it’s time to head back but you are not done yet. So, take the tram and head back towards Parc de l Ariana, this is home to the UN complex and the iconic Broken Chair designed by Daniel Berset. In addition you can walk pass the WTO and the ILO.

Geneva is truly an exciting place to visit in one day. You get to enjoy the city’s charms and attractions without breaking the bank. You can easily get to Geneva by bus or train from France, or if you are connecting a flight that has a 10 hour or more layover. Remember to change your money as Euro isn’t the legal currency in Geneva. However, most stores accept card payment.

So guys when next you are travelling by Geneva, head on in and indulge in some or all of the activities. And if Geneva is not yet on your list this summer out top recommendations are BudapestLondonBordeaux, or Riommaggiore

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