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We are talking packing hacks today! Be it your first trip or your 100th trip, you simply cannot undermine the importance of packing effectively and efficiently. With the right things you can save money, be comfortable and have a great wardrobe selection for pictures. Therefore, on today’s post I will be sharing an ample checklist that comprises my foolproof packing hacks, it includes everything to ensure your trip is seamless.

Choose the right luggage.

Pick the right suitcase in terms of size and function, this is very important as it is the determinant of packing correctly. A too small suitcase will lead to under packing while a too big suitcase will lead to over packing. In addition, the functionality of the suitcase can either make it easy to travel with or a herculean task.


Duffel Bag– Use this for a short backpacking trip

Carry on– Ideal for short trips. For budget travellers, it is advisable to use a carry-on as it’s friendly for all budget airlines.

4 Wheel: For long travel or international travels this is your most convenient choice. Very easy to roll and best for heavy luggage. 

Always use Packing Cubes.

I call them the ultimate luggage organisers! From clothes to underwear, packing cubes literally save the day. You know exactly where each item is kept, clothes are easily accesesible, they stay compressed and compact. Also consider keeping shoes enclosed in shoe packs.


Luggage hangers.

If all your belongings do not fit into your suitcase, the solution is to use luggage straps as reinforcement for additional items. They are very effective and practical


Rolling instead of folding.

Using the compact method is the easiest way to pack. It saves space and leaves your clothes wrinkles free. Although for heavier items like sweaters, folding is more practical.

Maximize shoe & hat space.

The trick is to pack few small sized items into your shoes or hat. This can help avoid carrying extra pouches that occupy space. I really love this packing hack as it’s very convenient.

Carry the weight.

Wearing your thickest clothes or boots on the day you fly can save more space in your luggage. Or consider using your biggest hand bag so you can fill it up with any extra item.

Pack gadgets separately.

You don’t want to go crazy trying to find your camera batteries or any gadget because they were mixed up with other items while packing. Always pack all cables, gadgets and personal entertainment accessories separately.

Carry USEFUL travel accessories.

Certain items are designed to make your life easier and help you function optimally. It is important you have them handy in case you lose your bag or you are tired etc.  Below are a list of very useful accessories:

Pack Smart.

Another packing hack is to pack smart. Regarding clothings, several variables have to be factored. The weather, the activities you will be involved in etc… Avoid packing amenities that u can get in your accommodation like hair dryers, gels, soap, etc.


If your suitcase has nothing unique to make it identifiable, there is a high tendency of confusion during baggage claim. Do you realise how many people might have the same classic black/blue/red suitcase you own? Your best best to avoid any mix-up is using a unique luggage tag

In conclusion, studies have shown that a well packed traveler tends to be more organized all through their sojourn than a random packer. Feel free to share ideas on what you consider a packing hack and I hope this list of packing hacks helps. 

Happy traveling…



  • Lily

    13th January 2020

    WOW new hacks acquired!!! Thanks a million Sarah


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