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Today I am writing about my own city Praha! How amazing is it getting first hand tips from a local.

Hands down one of the best weekend getaway cities, not just for it’s central location and magical scenery, but for the buzz too…Ok please ‘beer’ with me because the Czech Republic boosts of not only best beer, but also the cheapest beer anywhere in Europe! To many, (incluing some of you & I) that is enough reason to visit if you ask me…haha

The CZ is Culturally enriched, bedazzled with the finest of craftsmanship, inexpressibly artistic and astoundingly diverse. CZ is certainly one of the gems Europe can boast of, conveniently 2-4 hours away from other countries like Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland etc. Believe me when I say this; after all my years of traveling and discovering Europe, I found the fairytale city we all read about in our story books…it’s called Prague, the capital city of CZ. Lined beautifully with ancient cobbled stones and spotting modern luxuries. Prague is the perfect blend of flamboyance and elegance.

On today’s post I have drawn up a 3 day weekend itinerary to Prague. Ideally you do not need more than 3-4 days to explore Prague

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  • DAY 1. 

On your first day, you probably want to spend it getting to see the famous places in Prague. My best advice is to sign up for a free walking tour, as you can never go wrong with that. Below are the top places to see in the city center.

-Explore the Old Town and make sure to watch the astronomical clock tick at any hour and climb upstairs to get the best views of Prague!

-Visit the famous Charles Bridge.

-Take a trip to Prague castle (the best place ever)

-Take an iconic photo at St Vitus cathedral.

-Take a stroll around the Jewish ghetto

-Climb the Prague eiffel tower to get the magical view of Prague

-Visit the Golden land

-Lots of museums like (chocolat, sex, beer etc)

-Drink some Czech beer and eat pork?

*TIP: While in the old town you can easily connect to other tourist areas in the city center. Walking is always a good idea as you get to absorb the magnificent and iconic view of the city

  • DAY 2.

On day 2, you might already be in love with the Czech Republic and feel more inspired to explore. Which is why a day trip will suffice

  1. Day trip to Cesky Kromolov – The most beautiful city you can ever find in the CZ. Only 2 hours from Prague, it’s literally one of those cities you must see at least once in a life time. An absolute MUST!
  2. Day trip to DresdenGermany’s finest! Only 2 hours away from Prague, Dresden is definitely worth visiting. I made this post on Dresden to spur you.
  3. Day trip to the Concentration Camp- If history is your thing then do not miss an opportunity to visit the concerntration camp first hand. It’s less than 2 hours from Prague and easily accessible by public transportation.o
  • DAY 3.

One thing I found really interesting in Prague is the amount of fun museums. From beer museums to sex museums etc. So on day 3 you wanna feel funky and explore the crazy but fun things. I have compiled a list of fun places/activities on your last day.

-Museum of Senses

-Chocolate Museum

-Sex machines Museum

-Beer Museum

-Apple Museum

-Coffee Museum

-Museum of Public Transport

Another eciting thing can be to indult in out door activities by the Charles bridge area. You can find a line of of fun things like; Prague boat tour, water zorbing, and other outdoor activities.


Still one of the cheapest countries to explore in Europe except for accommodation which is constantly on the rise. On the contrary, food and transportation are very cheap, while beer is even cheaper trust me

Accommodation – (depending on the season)
Airbnb– 20-40 euros for a private room in a shared flat
Hostel- 10-30 euros per bed in a shared room
Hotel- From 40 euros above

*Suggested daily budget: 35-40 euros. This is the suggested budget if you are staying in an Airbnb, cooking most of your meals and using public transportation. It does not apply to a someone staying in a luxurious hotel who eats most meals outside. For the latter the budget tips below can help you reduce cost.

Cheapest destinations in europe


°Get the 2 or 3 days city pass and save cost on transportation.
°Take advantage of free walking tours
°Take an accommodation with a kitchen
°Never change your money at the airport
°If you must eat out, don’t miss out on lunch menus.
°Tap water is drinkable, always have a sustainable water bottle.
Enjoy a few photos of all I have captured while in Prague…


  • Dave

    1st February 2020

    I am definitely coming to Prague soooonnnnn!!!!

  • Yvette

    2nd February 2020

    Insightful read! Very well captured ?? Praha is indeed beautiful ❤️

  • Ayo

    2nd February 2020

    Coming to Prague Cherie


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