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Happy new month friends!
It’s December and I feel christmassey already! Stunning Christmas markets, gifts and good tidings in the air, time to show some love and create precious memories with family and loved ones…
I know I already have a post on a budget Christmas travel  written  in honor of the season, however,  I’m in the mood to talk about something else today. So next week I’ll post the Christmas one. HaHa  it’s cool being your own boss.
One question I keep getting from a lot of people is “how do you manage the dangers of traveling solo and loneliness while traveling?”. But the truth is when on an adventure there are hardly lonely moments…I discover new places, cultures, meet new people, learn and explore. And while at that I always have an open mind as you never know! ?
Today I’ll be sharing a personal but intriguing short love story while traveling…I mean this happens every day right? Well sit and grab some popcorn lol.
I was just getting through the loss of the love of my life, still hurting, struggling to find myself and putting the pieces of my life back together, I decided a short vacation was needed to help me heal…As for all, travel is my therapy so why not. And I thought where next? Since Barcelona had the cheapest tickets and had always been my number one destination for city breaks, I decided to go to Barcelona again. But this time little did I know it was going to be a different experience!
Got on the easyJet flight, with so much fatigue as I had not been sleeping much during those difficult moments. Once we took off,  listening to some sleep sounds, I dozed off even without knowing. You know how you get the middle seat on the flight so you are not so sure of how to sleep since you can’t lean your head anywhere. While asleep my head kept falling on the shoulder of the gentle man next to me.
He couldn’t speak English so all he did was tap me and make a gesture for me to stop leaning on him. After about 4 or 5 attempts he finally gave up and just gave me his shoulder to catch a good sleep. He probably understood that this girl was not ready to wake up soon lol…
I arrived at my destination, thanked the gentleman for his shoulder and set off to commence my holidays.

Coincidence or Fate??

My Airbnb host gave me a list of trendy places to hang out so I left for dinner in the evening. My plan was eat take a long walk and return.
….”Borca Grande” was the location, I was seated alone waiting on my order while a group of friends seating in the opposite direction were celebrating a friend’s birthday.
At about 09pm ish (yes I do remember), a gentle man leans behind with a very strong Spanish accent, struggling to put his statement in English together as he asked “Do you finally sleep well after flight today”? Oooh wait a minute Google translate is free braah ??! Well I was so embarrassed I was meeting the shoulder guy again. I thought that shameful experience was my little secret but NO!  the world is smaller than you imagine lol.
His name was “Roberto”...since I wasn’t sleepy this time I noticed he was a charming and cool gentleman. He quickie invited me to join the table with his friends. Suffice it to say the introduction to the group on how we met was an embarrassing moment for me hehe! We started up a conversation mostly using Google translate…Roberto offered to clear up his schedule and told me he wanted to show me Barcelona different from what I knew.
We agreed to meet up front of the same restaurant the next day and that’s where it all began… This stranger I didn’t know had sensed that I was hurting and had made plans to help me relief all that baggage i was carrying. I was very impressed by the sheer thoughtfulness of this “Espanish” man.
You could feel his genuine heart just by looking as his innocent smile. The connection was not romantic but natural and mutual. I mean this guy didn’t even understand English, we spent half the time together just staring at each other just smiling, but those silent moments felt very reassuring like a million words were been spoken. My glow was different guys, all i looked forward to meeting up the next with Mr. stranger…
On the other hand I was still trying to be careful as I knew I wasn’t ready to be emotionally attached yet! I  wasn’t going to fall for this “telemundo tricks” ?
He made so much effort to ensure I was happy and believe me after such a lovely holiday, Roberto had succeeded in proving to me that just maybe telemundo stories were not just for TV characters.
But the African in me kept telling me “Girl stay woke”. Well my African ancestors won the battle because every time Roberto asked for my personal contact I told him we could just meet in front of the same bar every day and he didn’t need my number. In my big head this was my own stupid strategy of clearing my head and moving on!


As we all know every good thing must come to an end right? So it was time to leave Barcelona, and before leaving for the airport we met for the last time at the same place, truly looking like a scene from a soap opera Roberto asked me to leave my number so we stay in touch, and I told him If the universe wants us to be together one day we will meet again outside of Spain, so my number wasn’t important…(what a regretful decision! trust me. In Nigeria we call this ‘village people at work’ haha). Dear reader, let’s just say the universe didn’t agree with this and so never brought us back together again ooohh! Sincerely, I think I was watching too many movies to have thought after the first coincidence a second one will occur.
Truthfully,  every time I have visited Barcelona I have wished luck would send Roberto my way just one more time, I have even returned to Borca Grande bar hoping he was missing my sleepy head and would decide to revisit the place we meet again (if wishes were horses…)
It’s been 17 months and 4 days today (who’s counting!) , and maybe Roberto already moved on or is even married who knows? but Roberto if you are reading this, I am now ready to give you my number not necessarily to start a love story, but to appreciate men like you that take the time to genuinely and effortlessly inspire and support broken women like myself especially at our lowest points You are a true example of what selfless person looks like.
*P/S I’m tempted to put up a picture of Roberto and I, maybe that will make it easier to find him ?

Tips and moral of my story is;

-As a solo traveler you should be ready to have a life of adventures, both planned and unplanned
-If you meet a Roberto don’t allow your village people to be in charge…haha! seize the moment as love isn’t a game of chess
-Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities to visit and I promise you can never get tired of going there. Contact me for info on a budget trip to Barca if you need more info.
-True love will eventually find you at the right time. No pressure!


  • Nelson

    1st December 2018

    I will like to get information about how I can have a cheap holiday at a very nice and wonderful location.i am victim of love and seriously need to clear my head.

    • 1st December 2018

      Hey Nelson. Most definitely. I am very available to to send you cheap deals. Just click the contact and send me details of your location and all

  • cultivatetheword

    1st December 2018

    Hahaha, I enjoyed this read. How come i’m just getting this gist here…Chai. No more tadpoles, prince charming is next lol

    • 2nd December 2018

      Haha ? some gist are better penned down you know! ?? Oh yes Prince Charming next!!!!

  • Victor

    2nd December 2018

    “Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”
    — Eliza Tabor

  • Yvette

    2nd December 2018

    Lmao ‘love with linguistic barriers’! ???Awwww our village people will not allow us be great!! But yes! at the right time, love will happen! ❤️❤️

  • 5th December 2018

    That was the sweetest story I’ve ever read! One day we’ll all find our Roberto ??

    • 5th December 2018

      Awww thanks for your kind words! ❤️???. And yeeeeesss one day we all find our « Roberto ».

  • Glorybeth

    6th December 2018

    Auntie, your story makes me feel giddy and I feel like going to Barcelona soon to find a Roberto. ???

    • 6th December 2018

      Awww Aunty thanks so much. Indeed we will need our Roberto ?

  • Ayo

    8th December 2018

    Gosh, can’t believe you lost him…

  • Tonye from your hood

    9th December 2018

    Chai! My chest o! Love won’t kee person

  • Nesy

    28th July 2019

    …and coincidentally, this could have been me meeting my own Roberto but my account balance will not let me be great ??‍♀️?


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