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Hey Guys we are headed off to the famous Palma de Mallorca today!

What do you do when you find a flight ticket for just 9 euros to one of Europe’s A-list celebrity destination? Well you buy the ticket and jet off…Picture yourself relaxing on an island, tantalizing your senses with those gorgeous turquoise blue waters. Soft golden sands, rugged mountains, and an amazingly picturesque village. Life couldn’t get any better ?

Guys, on today’s post we set off to Palma de Mallorca (AKA Majorca). Let me start by saying, I jetted off to Mallorca assuming that since the tickets were cheap, life was going to be cheap too, I mean a girl can dream…Hélas, get the reality check here! This breathtaking and sophisticated island is not somewhere you go to unprepared. At least let your bank account be prepared even if you are not ?. From the exquisite architecture to the stunning white sand beaches, Palma de Mallorca is a beauty to behold at least once in a lifetime.


Exploring on a budget

Mallorca is one of the world’s sailing hotspots and most sought after destinations for summer, therefore, it’s not particularly easy to pull off a budget trip to the Island during the high season (summer), so I recommend that budget travelers explore this paradise during the off season, unless you are going specifically for the summer fiestas and music events hosted on the islands. But, if relaxing is your thing the best way to enjoy a trip to Mallorca would be when it’s less crowded in the low season.

Chilling in Majorca during the off season

I mean outside the fact that you spend way less money, you practically have the island almost all to yourself and you can totally soak in its charms and beauty while enjoying everything it has to offer in no particular hurry. You’d be surprised at the difference in ticket prices between the low and high season. I’m looking at tickets to Majorca for a client’s summer trip and it’s like 8-10times more expensive. ?. Let’s not even talk about accommodation as its way over the top,(but as usual with my invitation here which saves 25euros off your reservation). The hack is however simple, plan in advance, visit in the low season and that’s it.

What NOT to do in Mallorca

Since the island is tastefully furnished with luxury hotels, yachts and villas, you might feel tempted to question your ancestors and ponder on your life, and how the choices they made is affecting you as you see such splendor and lavishness, but please face your front and enjoy your time. ?

The Streets of Mallorca

The Streets of Mallorca

Another thing to avoid is those annoying overpriced restaurants. Please focus and look out for lunch deals or buffet restaurants, they cost way less and offer the same services anyway.

Lastly in Mallorca there are no locals…so don’t act like one! Put on your most sophisticated self and live in the moment. Feel like an A-list, Rent a yacht with your friends if you’re on a group trip, party hard, do some leisure shopping, lounge on the beach and live your best life!!!!

View of Palma de Mallorca

View of Palma de Mallorca

But again I urge you brethren to go prepared. Even the champagne living on a Coca-Cola budget needs proper planning and strategizing Ha-ha. So take time to plan your trip, opt for a cheap accommodation (Airbnb maybe) so you can save money to enjoy other things!

Lastly, beautiful Mallorca may not be the cheapest travel destination but it is certainly a hearts delight.

On that note who is going to Mallorca this summer? ? Not a fan of this celebrity destination? Then take a look at wonderful city of Malaga or Nice in the French Riviera

Cheers guys…xx


  • Frederick

    9th June 2019

    Thanks Sarah..?
    I definitely will want to see Mallorca when the summer winds down…haha.?

  • yvettesimons

    10th June 2019

    Majorca!! Lovely Paradise, definitely going back to soak it all in!??????

    • 10th June 2019

      Shout out to the worse Photographer on the last trip Majorca!!! ?

      • Yvette

        12th June 2019

        ????? yet one of those pictures is on the post o. I know you love them!???


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