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Today I’ll be sharing useful travel tips. What a better way to wrap up the amazing year than sharing the most important lessons garnered from my mistakes and travels over the years. I’ve compiled these practical and useful travel tips in different categories to simplify travel for my amazing travel tribe. 


  1. Always take advantage of free walking tours to properly explore a city. For free tours check out Free Tours or Generator tours.
  2. Always have a Sarong with you. It is the most versatile piece of clothing for a tourist.
  3. It is important to have a photo copy of your travel documents, credit card and drivers license.
  4. Travel insurance is very essential as you never know.
  5. Wet wipes and tissues are indispensables.
  6. Learn the minimum basics of the local language.
  7. Cash is very important, always have some spare cash on you.
  8. Be ready to try new things & step out of your comfort zone. It makes traveling even more interesting.
  9. Splurge every once in a while even if you on a budget. It refreshes and revitalises you
  10. Always turn off roaming to avoid charges.


  1. Beware of free public WiFi, especially with your bank details online.
  2. Always have a travel first aid kit in case of diarrhea, headaches, injury or a flu.
  3. Share your travel plans with at least one close person.
  4. Always have all emergency numbers handy, in case of any emergency.
  5. Be alert in public places. This Post contains all security tips for a hassle free travel.


  1. Always make a list of things you need for your trip. It simplifies packing.
  2. It is very important to have a photo of your luggage, just incase of theft, missing luggage etc.
  3. Put all important items in your carry-on bag. In case the airline forgets your luggage you won’t be stranded.
  4. To save space in your luggage, wear your heaviest items on the day you fly.
  5.  Always use Packing Cubes, they are very practical. Save you space, time and organises your stuff
  6. Roll your clothing to prevent wrinkles and maximise space.
  7. If possible, pack a money belt to hide cash.
  8. On long flights, always drink water and stay hydrated.
  9. For cheap flights, book early and check less popular sites.
  10. Fly at the least popular times for the best airfare. That includes early morning and late at night. Fridays and Sundays are generally the most expensive days to fly – with Tuesday, Wednesdays and Sundays less expensive.
Cheapest destinations in europe


  1. Never change money at the airport because they offer the worst exchange rates.
  2. Avoid touristy restaurants and shops.
  3. If possible book an accommodation with a kitchen to cut cost on meals.
  4. Don’t miss out on lunch time menus when you eat out.
  5. Get multi day passes to save cost on transport and tourist visits.
  6. To save cost on buying water, always have a handy water bottle as tap water is drinkable in a lot of cities.
  7. Avoid tourist traps when shopping and don’t be ashamed to bargain whenever possible.
  8. Always eat where the locals eat, it’s way cheaper, better service and best quality.
  9. Save on tips by always having lower denominations on you.
  10. Save on cost by avoiding last minute booking. Plan your trip ahead to get best rates.


  • For photo lovers; Be an early riser. Most times sunrise is always better than sunset. Smaller crowds outside, iconic views and beautiful photos 
  • Enjoy a free birthday celebration with a cake or dessert in every new city you visit. Simply tell the waitress it’s your birthday and voila!
  • Get free product samples from big brands and beauty stores. Perfumes, body products and cosmetics are offered if you ask to try them. E.g of a shop that never disappoints is Lush 
  • Sit back and enjoy free professional make up sessions in beauty stores. Walk in and offer yourself as a muse or ask to try a brand on your face. E.g Sephora
  • Do not ignore your 6th sense. If something doesn’t feel right, it is not right!

How do i know these? Well I use these tips on a regular basis, and it always makes traveling smooth and fun. So now you have a detailed list of all the useful travel tips. Please leave a comment of any additional tips you wanna add to the lsit

…Now a final digression, who’s loving our new website? Hmm did someone notice our new Travel Essentials shop section? 2020 bring it on, we ready!!!

So guys, happy travelling with these useful travel tips. Wish you a prosperous New Year ahead. Thanks for sticking around all year. I promise to constantly and consistently provide you the best content in 2020. 


  • Liam

    29th December 2019

    Thanks Sarah

  • Dave

    30th December 2019

    Thank you Sarah! These tips are wonderful!!

  • Lexi

    31st December 2019

    These tips are so practical! Thanks so much…

  • 21st September 2020

    I love packing because it makes me excited for the trip but putting back the things you packed after the trip is not an exciting thing to do I don’t know but for me I’m too lazy to do that
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