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Have you ever visited a city after so much hype and you just don’t feel the same vibe on arrival? Or vice versa?

Every year millions of tourist troop to Europe for a taste of adventure, culture, wines and cheeses. A few cities have certainly been termed the ultimate delight and the repercussion of this is seen in the high cost of visiting these cities.

However, like a multifaceted treasure, Europe has many more pearls to offer a traveler and still leave them mesmerised. On today’s post we will be exploring Europe’s most overrated and underrated cities.


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PARIS: I bet you knew Paris will be number 1 on my list ?.  Wake up guys, no cute stranger is going to walk up to you and kiss you under the Eiffel tower because a wishing well told them you were their one true love.

Sincerely, this city holds a lot of beauty, class and culture, but Paris is DIRTY!!! During the high season the queues are longer than the problems of Nigeria and the odour is stronger than a dragon breath?. Navigating through the metro line is so daunting that you can spend 30minutes looking for the exit in stations like Montepanesse, Chatelet etc… Sad thing is everyone is in a hurry to no where. I must include, the Monalisa is so small that I left so disappointed after the visit! So yes, Paris is the city of lights, but sometimes you need more than just lights.

AMSTERDAMI find Amsterdam to be bland, lackluster and inherently uninteresting. So uninteresting, I can barely muster the energy to write why. Ok yes I know this city has a reputation of cool cafes, amazing architecture and hip people but I’m yet to find all these in Amsterdam! Except visiting The Sex Museum, Torture Museum, Red Light District, Canals, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Franks House, everything else was just boring.

The streets and canals become so repetitive and tiring. There is the smell of smoke and weed everywhere. Asides from seeing museums there isn’t much to do. If you’re not into being stoned or the red light district the city doesn’t have much to offer. 

BARCELONA: Dare I say it…Barcelona is overrated! I say this as a tourist that gave this city benefit of doubts and visited more than 3 times. Barcelona is big, confusing, and expensive for someone like me used to prices in the south of Spain. (Malaga, Marbella, Seville etc). Off course I can’t dispute it has some of the best architecture I’ve ever seen, but walking the streets of places like las ramblas several times while visiting and each time i’m struck by how touristy it has become. It felt like Main Street at Disneyland. Hugely overcrowded (to be expected), but it seems like everyone there was a tourist wanting to take a selfie. It is probably a “must do” because of its fame, but once is more than enough.

ATHENS: Iconic Athens is a city of history and grandeur. It lures multitudes from all over the globe but guys it sometimes does feel a little claustrophobic. It’s not the wonderous magical ancient Greek cradle of humanity it’s portrayed to be. The city planning in Athens is the worst i have seen anywhere in Europe, and it’s possible for a tourist to feel lost and confused in this city as the ambience is normally overwhelming.

However, to be honest Greece as a whole is very friendly, beautiful, welcoming and definitely worth visiting. Maybe visiting Athens during the low season and exploring like a local might be rewarding and exciting.

PISA: I adore Italy, pizza and all the romantic Italian gestures, but Pisa lacks any redeeming quality that makes me want to invest my time and money there again. It is by far overrated. I loved the leaning tower, it was an incredible experience climbing to its top and overlooking Pisa, but then what next? If we somehow decide to straighten that tower today then Pisa no longer holds any charm. And a vacation in Pisa can really get boring quickly as you will not find anything to do other than posing with the leaning tower of course.

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SPLIT: Split has it all…Roman ruins, grand museums, sandy beaches and rocky coves of nearby islands. What more can one ask for? It’s location is overlooked by the mountains and edged by the deep blue Adriatic  Sea. The city is well connected and bursting with things to do. It is by far one the most underrated cities in Europe I must say. Personally I even prefer Split to the capital Zagreb!

OSLO: Beautiful Oslo, is my Paris HaHa… this city is truly world class, it has the luxury and the chill. In Oslo it is simply impossible to be bored. The geography and views are to die for and there are numerous restaurants, cruises, etc. to explore on a daily basis. The only downside is that Norway is a bit expensive, but with proper planning you will definitely enjoy Oslo!

LJUBLJANA: The capital city of Slovenia is Eastern Europe’s prettiest pearl, with its medieval castles and cathedrals, history, culture, and archeology remains undiscovered here, visit Ljubljana for a trip discovering ancient Roman lifestyle.

TBLISI: In Eastern Europe nestled in the Caucasus Mountains is beautiful Tblisi, this city is the perfect combination of old and new, flamboyance and simplicity, light and darkness.  If you love life and great food visit Tblisi

SAN GIMIGNANO: I wouldn’t leave Tuscany after visiting Pisa and Florence, you know why? Well, San Gimignano is the place to visit. This town has amazing Vino and yes more towers with awesome county side views, you will truly be enchanted.

Suffice it to say that this is just my own point of view, the great thing about travel is that what I might find to be a waste of time, may be the greatest time of your life. So maybe your connection to my list of overrated cities will be a positive one. 

On that note what cities to you are overrated or underrated? Comment and let us know?


  • Anele1779

    25th August 2019

    Yes! I enjoyed reading this! Now I have more places to visit on my list.

  • JK

    25th August 2019

    Nice one ,well done. For me Milan is also overrated, when you’re done with the Cathedral then that’s it. I enjoyed my time in Venice more, nice channels, cruises etc keep this up Sarah, quite informative.

  • Janee

    25th August 2019

    This post is ‘see finish’ joor. How can you say Paris and Amsterdam are overrated? I disagree plix. What then will you say about Geneva?

    Most underrated for me are the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Antalya and Fethiye. Infact, I think Turkey as a whole is underrated here

  • Mickeyronnie

    26th August 2019

    I really wanted to see you comment on Brno and Prague

  • Tutu O.

    28th August 2019

    I agree with your picks of overrated and underrated cities (at least for the ones I’ve visited).
    I almost screamed for joy when I saw Split as the first underrated city. It’s one of my favourites.
    Well done Sarah! I look forward to your posts everytime! 🙂

    • 28th August 2019

      Haha so you love Split too just like me looool. Thanks for always reading my dear…i appreciate 🙂

  • Gbemi

    30th August 2019

    I loveeeeee Split.
    Another City which I feel is underrated is Vienna. It is such a beautiful city with tons of things to do and lots of kind people (at least the one I met were)

    A city I find overrated is Florence.. It was nice but I was not as blown away as many people who go there get.


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