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Guys, today i am here to share some post lockdown travel ideas. Sit back, read and enjoy!

Did i hear someone say longtime? Oh yes! It’s been forever I shared some travel insights. Well all thanks to Miss Rona who showed up and showed out…literally! 

What a queer feeling, for a chronic fernweh like myself (or you too), confined in the same space for months. With absolutely no hopes of when we’d see the world again. Hmmm, the struggle to stay sane these past months has been real. Regardless I am happy the confinement is finally over.

That brings us to the big questions on everyone’s mind. Is travel still possible? Or rather, where can we travel/explore?

So, to answer these questions, I have compiled today’s post. There will be 2 segments to inspire both those who are open to start traveling right away and the others who intend to resume traveling later.




I mean did you know that a simple travel experience significantly drops your stress level? Aside that, taking a vacation promotes overall brain health, and makes you more creative and smarter. Just call me Dr. Sarah already haha! Anyway, for those of us in this category, life could seem vapid without a sprinkle of travel experiences, hence i am here with today’s post.

On that note, here’s some post lockdown travel ideas to inspire you ;

  • Make it a local affair.

As much as we all crave flight catching and jetting off to Lalaland, i think at the moment it is best to start with baby steps. Focus of traveling closer, and not going far away. Also, given the fact that most countries have not yet opened up their borders, this is a good time to explore the other beautiful cities in your country of residence. The idea therefore is to travel to different regions and discover (or re-discover) your country through short trips like a weekend get-away 

  • Set up a temporary bucket list.

The Pyramid of Giza, Taj Mahal, The Niagara Falls bla bla bla…I get it! But my dear it’s time to develop an avant-garde approach to your travel life. Start by recreating a ‘temporary’ wanderlust list that is aligned with the new norm. You can set new travel goals like; 

  1. Doing a road trip challenge around the country. 
  2. What is each region known for? Wine, cheese, history, music, art, etc. Research and explore regions, you will be amazed at how exciting it can be.

Pro Tip– To get the best local travel deals, i recommend searching on sites like Groupon, Smartbox and Showroom Privé under the travel category.


➦After a plummet in most economies, patronising local businesses will help grow the economy 

➦It is the safest as you will not be exposed to any airports and crowded areas. 

➦It is very much cost efficient. From hotels to restaurants, and other tourist attractions

➦You have various cheap and easy ways to access closer cities (driving, trains, car share, buses)



Sadly, the reality is that, due to several reasons, it is impossible for most people to actually travel. Some are either home on furlough, lost a loved one, facing financial crises, feel unsafe, or just waiting on the vaccine etc…And this is totally relatable!

Therefore, for those of us who are not yet in a position to travel, here’s some inspo as you wait for the right time;

  • Make everyday count.

This can be done by having a day trip or just setting aside a day in the month to visit somewhere different. You can search for towns/cities approximately 1-2 hours away from where you live. A day trip is a good way to escape from the daily realities as you see a different environment and refresh your mind.

  • Engage in outdoor activities

Truth is, you do not always need to travel to create fun experiences. In every city, there are tons of activities to explore. Wanna know a small secret? There is currently a price drop in a lot of outdoor activities, just to encourage people to support the tourism business. What a time to take advantage of discounts and create life time memories.

Inspiration of outdoor activities include; Dinner in the sky, water-zorbing, hot air ballon rides, zip-lining, dinner cruises, bungee jumping, rafting, carting etc…

Pro Tip – To get discount prices on outdoor activities in your city, i recommend using the following; Head out, Viator, Trip Advisor and Smart box, under the category of things to do


➦Very cheap & cost friendly as you do not need to actually travel.

➦Creating memories without much investment.

➦Indulging in fun activities is a good way to disconnect from daily stress.

➦Contributes to the economic growth.

Guys, in conclusion, the answers to all the above mentioned questions are Yes, Yes and Yes!!! Now that you have a list of post lockdown travel ideas, I hope this post spurs you to try out something interesting. Remember to live it up cos you only got one life!




  • Frederick

    24th May 2020

    Very insightful!… I was giving up on travelling cos of the kind flames Miss Rona is showing everyone but local might be a good start.

  • 24th May 2020

    Coucou thanks for sharing. I already booked 2 trips around france, a bubble sky resort, air balloon, helicopter ride and some road trips. Recently, I’ve been doing picnics and water sports activities with friends in Paris. Can’t wait to experience all these and share on my website ????

  • 6th June 2020

    i like that last line! one life! worth the liviinggg!! thanks for these tips. exactly what i was planning, local trips!


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