Reasons to visit Iceland

On today’s post we are off to one of the most beautiful destinations…Iceland! Even though it was top on my bucket list, I wasn’t prepared for the adventurous and unforgettable experiences that the country had to offer. In all honestly Iceland is way more beautiful than what I imagined prior to my arrival.

There are countless reasons to visit Iceland…Sweeping glaciers, stunning fjords, ancient mysteries etc! One of the most special things about Iceland is the breath taking nature, simply magnificent! From the active volcanoes to geysers, waterfalls and lagoons. Icelandic nature is so diverse and will leave you longing for more. It is surely a place you want to go at least once in a life time believe me!

On that note, in no particular order here are the top 5 reasons why I urge you to visit Iceland;


  • The Blue Lagoon:

One word describes it… Phenomenal! Set in the heart of the Icelandic landscape, the blue lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world! No doubt this is the most famous attraction in Iceland. And I am very sure, just like me, every time you see an Instagram post of someone soaking in that blue steamed water with the views, you’ve been tempted to buy a flight ticket too.

This geothermal spa is a must see as it is guaranteed to completely relax you with it’s healing properties.

  • The Northern Lights:

The mesmerizing Aurora Borealis is for sure a huge reason why people from all around the world go Iceland. We’ve all seen it in the movies, but the feeling in real life is something that cannot be described trust me. After 2 failed attempts due to terrible weather conditions, I watched the magical dance of the Northern lights and the experience made me forget the strong winds and extreme temperature. You can watch this natural spectacle on the outskirts of Reykjavík,(between September – April). I must add that they appear based on weather conditions, so my advice is to go further away from the city for a chance to see more intense and extravagant lights. 

  • Gullfoss Waterfall:

Visiting Iceland is not be complete if you miss out on a trip to see this amazing waterfall. The best way to navigate and enjoy a day there is during the Golden Circle Tour. This was by far one of my favourite tours as I was blown away afterwards. 

  • The Midnight Sun:

Yes! You read that right. Imagine the most charming sunset you have seen. Now, imagine viewing that sunset for hours. Isn’t that magical? The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon in Iceland and appears during summer, precisely the month of June. 

  • Skaftafell Cave:

This ice cave will certainly leave you in awe as it is one of the most breath taking places in the world. The best time to explore the ice cave is during the winter when the rivers have become rock solid and glaciers have stopped melting. P/S It is highly recommended that you visit with a tour guide for safety & security reasons.

bluelagoon Iceland



Iceland on a budget.

An evident setback for most travellers is the cost of living in Iceland. It’s a very expensive country so this makes it hard to explore on a budget. Nevertheless after my experience and multiple research while visiting, I was able to figure out the cheapest ways to enjoy the country without breaking the bank.

  • Tours – To get the best prices I recommend booking tours with Headout or Viator
  • Food – Eating can definitely be one of the most expensive parts of your trip to Iceland as the cuisine is traditionally prepared with fresh and local ingredients. But, I have compiled a list below of the cheapest restaurants to eat in Iceland
  • AccommodationAirbnb could be a good option but most houses might be far from the city. Therefore If you are looking for something cheap, well situated with essential amenities, then consider using other platforma like 


➣Book tours in advance, as so many tours are sold out on arrival.

➣The longer your stay, the better experience you get. It’s not a weekend destination.

➣Rent a car to save cost as commuting is very expensive.

➣Travel in the low season for best deals (Sept-April).

➣Enjoy the free selfie camera to take you customised photos opposite the Hallgrimskirkja 


❂There are no traditional last names in Iceland but there is an app to prevent you from dating your cousin hahaha

❂There is no military in Iceland

❂There are more than 30 active volcanos in Iceland

❂You will still find elves houses around Iceland 



List of cheap restaurants for budget travellers (Price range $10-20)








Happy traveling…!



  • Dami

    16th November 2020

    Iceland has midnight sun? Oya Leggo.. Thanks Sarahlicious

  • Liam Nolan

    16th November 2020

    Since the beginning of the year I’ve been waiting for your post on Iceland so I can decide to Thanks for sharing Sarah its now on my list

  • Stephanie

    17th November 2020

    Yaaaasss!!!! I am certainly visiting once it’s safe to travel…

  • Olivier

    17th November 2020

    Very well written. Thanks ????


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