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Looking for the best companies to save money ?

  • Want to get accurate information on error fares, cheapest flights, price drops and hot sales? Check out Secret Flying
  • Want to track flight ticket prices and know when prices drop? Use Hopper
  • Find a cheap flights and hotel by using JetRadar or Skyscanner or Momondo

These are our favorite search engines because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Find Cheap Accommodation

Travelling on a budget and need a nice place to crash? Here’s some discount for you using Airbnb.

For simillar affordabale options you have the following; WIMDU,, Tripping.

If you need free accommodation there are platforms like; Couchsurfing, Trampolinn, or you can opt for home swapping or volunteering.

For hotel travelers, some good sites to compare deals are; Hitlist, hoteltonight, hopper, groupon,  or Expedia as they consistently return affordable rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels.


  1. Always take advantage of free walking tours.
  2. Put all important items in your carry-on bag.
  3. Never change money at the airport.
  4. Always have a photo of your luggage & address
  5. Share your travel plans with at least one close person.
  6. Be an early riser; smaller crowds outside, iconic views for beautiful photos.
  7. Always have cash on you.
  8. Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Company Of Your Travel Plans.
  9. Always have a travel first aid kit.
  10. Learn the minimum basics of the local language
  1. Get multi day passes to save on cost.
  2. Always make a list
  3. Don’t miss out on lunch time menus.
  4. Beware of free public Wifi.
  5. Always get travel insurance be you never know.
  6. Always use Packing cubes
  7. Wet wipes and tissues are indispensables.
  8. Always have a photocopy of your travel document
  9. Avoid touristy restaurants and go where locals eat
  10. Always bring a Sarong

HERE is a well detailed travel guide i wrote that includes all the methods and techinques you need to travel without breaking the bank!

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