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Hey friends! 

Today let’s go explore the ancient but magnificent city of Rome! I’m always in my feelings whenever I visit or talk about Rome as it was the city I debuted my European journey with…Young and restless, I decided to take a bold step and leave the shores of Africa to pursue my dreams in Europe, and Rome was my first port of call. 

Roma…the inspiring, beautiful, eternal capital city of Italy. It’s no wonder most of the worlds’s most influential architecture and art are situated in Rome. Although, known to be an expensive city for tourists, today i’ll show you how to enjoy Roma in 2 or 3 days without breaking the bank! 

Home to the world famous sights of the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Vatican city and the Trevi Fountain, it is a city of wonders, and one you simply need to experience first hand.

We love Rome, do you???

Getting to Rome.

As usual, I will always recommend flying with any of the low cost jets if you are visiting from around Europe. Depending on the season, prices can be as low as 15 euros on Ryanair. Don’t be afraid to explore the options of car sharing (BlaBlaCar my fav), and you can also use bus services like Flixbus, Ouibus etc. 

Discovering Roma.

To explore Rome I always use the strategy I call ‘divide and conquer’, basically splitting the city with all the famous sites into half. Each day having it’s own half to conquer.

Day 1.

It can be started off with going to the famous Colosseum, tickets cost around 13euros but if you do have an EU Passport its half the price. From there you can do a free tour and head to the Pantheon, then to Piazza Navona (Please don’t miss Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers) and have some gelato at Tre Scalini, Italians have the best ice-cream, period!!! 


Roma tour 2013!

Rome has over 900 churches, you can start by visiting Capuchin Bone Church, and for a difference I recommend you walk around to discover other not so popular churches. And then head to the historical Spanish Steps, this is a must! 

The day would not be complete without going to make a wish as you throw your precious coin into the Trevi Fountain…but be careful what you wish for friends! Mine always comes true haha…?.

Now you deserve that mouth watering Italian pasta you have been craving for…YES, you have earned it after such a long day so treat yourself to some home made dinner and replenish for day 2. As for all they say when in Rome, behave like a Roman!

Girls Rome tour 2015

Day 2.

Set out early to conquer the other half of the city. The St. Peters Basilica is the first stop, and head to The Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel. It’s free to walk around but to take the best photos I’ll recommend getting into the doom for just 6 euros, the view is to die for! Don’t pass on that please!

View Of St. Peter’s Basilica

From there you can Explore Trastevere, visit Castle St. Angelo, Campo di Fioriand go check out the Jewish ghetto at the end. Make sure to eat around Trastevere area as the food is amazing!!! 

*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT– In Rome you will be bombarded with this phrase ‘buy selfie stick’, every step you take, I repeat every STEP! I kid you not…? so stay woke guys! The sellers won’t even let you take your photos in peace, here’s a photo of what I mean lol.

These selfie stick guys are everywhere!!!

Per the norm…they stay photobombing

Day 3

Now this is a hidden gem! While most people focus on the crowded city centre, On your last day you want to just relax and enjoy the serenity and calm. Lazio beach is the location, about an hour from Rome, and It is totally amazing. 

Focus on our smiles ignore the stomach lol


-Checking online for coupons to get reduction for tickets always helps me save cost. e.g with Goeuro you get 10euros when you register, also Ouibus you also get 5euros discount and free 3 months subscription for Deezer music, what a wawuuuuu!!!  ?

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 -If you are a student in the EU, don’t be ashamed to always show your ID as most tourist places offer special discounts for student

Hope you do enjoy your visit to Rome…Ciao amici 🙂



  • Yvette

    10th March 2019

    Rome added to list by default! Off to sign up for all these discounts! ??????thank you! ?

  • Fernet

    11th March 2019

    You should go there! It’s amazing ?


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