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Hey guys,

Sincerely, the world as we have it today is not the safest place. The rise of global terrorism and other vices can be blamed for this, however, every traveler must be pre-emptive when it pertains to security.  This is regardless of the fact that you are either a first time traveler or a frequent traveler.

This post is aimed at enlightening you on the basic security tips to ensure your safety while traveling. It is noteworthy that you do not have to appear rich to be attacked. You can be attacked for simply looking different or from just being a stranger. Fraudulent taxi drivers, shady tour guides, insincere offers of a helping hand, and theft, are a few vices travelers frequently encounter.

On today’s post I will be giving you 5 Security Tips, including useful contacts and links that will come in handy while Traveling Abroad.

Hold the right documents at all times

This is by far the most important security tip anyone can give you when you are traveling abroad. Ensure your passport and photocopies of any important documents are always with you at all times as this could literally save your life. I mean, for a moment assume a riot broke out in a city you were visiting,  and you either have the option of rushing to the airport or to your embassy, your passport becomes the ticket to your safety Voila!

The APP life…Get the right apps

I know that setting off into the world is always a little intimidating and one can feel insecure in certain places, but as ever, technology is always there to help. These apps can serve as your ultimate travel safety companion from global travel advice to real time alerts and news on breaking incidents. Here are my top 5;

  • ICE -(In case of emergency)
  • RedZone– Shows you what areas to avoid and tracks incidents
  • First aid– Learn what to do in emergency situations
  • Travel safety– Free access to the latest info from global travel security experts
  • Signal– Stay connected with family across oceans for free.

Don’t act like a Visitor & be familiar with scams

 Please guys, ditch the typical branded shirts, large gadgets and sneakers look. As much as possible try and blend into the city, look and act as a local. Vulnerable people are 90% more prone to attacks.

A quick search on Google will reveal a few common scams to you, when armed with these information you are better prepared to mitigate against falling victim. Have you heard about the milk scam in Cuba. Broken taxi meters in Costa Rica. Or the ring scam in Paris. Every city has its own so research and protect your hard earned cash.

Stay ready & Trust your instincts!

It is advisable to always be ready especially for ladies. A simple pepper spray can save you in a tough situation, so be sure to always have one handy while travelling. Your instincts are there to guide you, if it doesn’t feel safe then it’s not safe. This is effortlessly disregarded but important.

Humans have the ability to sense danger before their brains become fully aware. So, pay attention to that gut feeling as it may indeed save your life.

Contact List is  Must!

It is in your best interest to travel with a list of all the relevant contacts as life is full of unpredictable circumstances. Emergency contacts starting from the embassy to police and EU emergency numbers. It is highly recommended and advisable

112EU Emergency contact to reach police, fire brigade and medical services. You can find the full list for all countries here

To conclude, suffice it to say that no where is 100% safe in the world, and this is just a guide to help you stay secured…Ultimate protection comes from God!


Sarah D.


  • 5th August 2019

    Thank you so much Sarah! You always deliver!

  • Ilaboya Solomon

    6th August 2019

    Thanks, Sarah. Very insightful, never really thought of these points. I’m going to install one or two of those suggested apps right away. Merci 🙂


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