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Today’s mission is simple. I will be showing you how to travel solo. With the holidays fast approaching, along with all of my wonderful posts you are probably thinking of going on an adventure yourself right? Well you should be!

It’s one thing to travel, but it takes courage to travel solo. Which is why today I will be talking about How to travel Solo. How frustrating is that feeling when you find the perfect picture spot in your favourite dress, but there is no one to take you that killer photo? Haha!

I mean do you know that feeling of approaching a passerby asking for a photo, and they give you the ‘sorry I am in a hurry‘ reply. However, what is even worse is when you finally get someone to take the photo and they just take you a terrible one.

That, I think is the number one struggle of a solo traveller who loves photos!

How to travel solo

Okay let’s leave the photo part. How about when you visit the fairytale cities. Where you are literally the only one walking on the most beautiful street you’ve ever seen? Even the birds in the air all be paired up, you see couples breathing love in the air. Families bonding together, and friends catching up. Then, there you are struggling to understand what why on earth you chose to travel alone…Haha. Well, after reading this piece you will never feel so alone on your solo trip.

…Anyways, from the dangers of insecurities to the sense of loneliness and boredom, for some people solo travelling is something they can never handle. But today I bring you the essentials and indispensables you need as I show you how to travel solo. I’m talking travel applications, tips, advices and strategies to achieve a successful Solo trip. With these, you can boldly take a trip to any surface of the earth without an iota of fear.

How to travel solo in Europe
Travel Solo


1.        Make that decision – Solo travelling must be an intentional decision. You need to get into the right frame of mind for it and be prepared to carry yourself as a citizen of the world. The truth is travelling solo begins in your mind before you even figure out a destination to visit.

2.        Choose the perfect destination – For several reasons your favorite place in the world may not necessarily be the place you want to tour alone. The hack is finding a city you truly want to explore. For instance, a neighbouring city could be a good start. Or weekend getaway would be a great solo trip idea.


3.        SAVE for your trip – Firstly, you need to uncover the secrets of how to travel on a budget in this article. Being broke on a vacation is hard. Being broke while solo travelling is horrible! Always research and ask questions. Be sure to know exactly how much everything cost, from intercity transportation to lodging, tourist attractions, exchange rates and most importantly food ?.  All in all, please still hold your ‘vex money‘ lol.(as Nigerians will call money for miscellaneous).

4.        SAFETY 101 – Inform at least one close family member or friend. This is very important for your safety as it is inappropriate to just bag pack without informing anyone of your destination.

5.        Pack light and make a smashing Playlist– Once the above steps are complete, pack your bags ensuring you pack only what is necessary and comfortable. A few comfy clothes/shoes, a heel or two for the wild nights, not forgetting essentials like a charging bank, the right travel adapter, camera, a sustainable water bottle and your ID’s. See full list of travel essentials for solo travellers at the best prices

How to travel solo

How to travel solo – The Indispensables!

*APPY Life– An app life is a happy life. Did you know there’s an app for almost everything? There is even an app to rent a Family or Friends in Japan which I intend to try soon. Well, I know that setting off into the world is always a little intimidating, but as ever, technology is here to help. From helping connect with like-minded travellers, to staying safe and tracking down unique local experiences. Below, are some of the best free apps for solo travellers.

  • Solotraveller – To meet up with fellow solo traveler.
  • Red Zone – Shows you what areas to avoid and tracks incidents.
  • Backpackr – Shows you travellers headed your destination.
  • ICE – In Case of Emergency.
  • Eatwith – To linkup and eat with likeminded people.
  • MeetUp – For meeting locals and experiencing the culture.
  • Tourlina – Exclusively for female travellers to find a travel companion.
  • Bumble BFF – Using your social networks, the app will connect you with friends of your friends in any area.
  • Google Translate – Translations.
  • Peek – For tours and activities.
  • Some helpful OFFLINE apps- XE Currency, Free Wifi Finder, Triposo, Google maps and TripIt


In conclusion, I advice you always Blend In.

Having all the apps can be amazing but, on your end, always make an effort to blend in and be involved. They say you only live once. Moreover this might be your first and last time visiting this particular place, so why not make the trip a memorable one?

Therefore, don’t be afraid to try new but SAFE things. A bumble date, an evening exploring with back packers or just a random afternoon cooking class with locals…

*Major Hint– I use some dating apps to get free dinner dates from guys .And afterwards I delete their Ladies don’t be shy to try this.

For introverts, this can be a great opportunity to enjoy your own company. You can take on new adventures plus challenges, and above all you feel satisfied. With these apps you can also find interesting solo activities to keep you busy if meeting people or socializing is not your cup of tea

In conclusion, Solo trips are my favourites. Everything is done at my own time and pace. So now that you know how to travel solo, I therefore urge you to plan a solo trip if you never have. And please while at that, here’s a list of some security measures to keep you safe.


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