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Summer Packing List…

Can you guess what could be more frustrating than not being prepared for your long awaited vacation? Well, absolutely nothing! Preparation goes way beyond buying your plane tickets and booking a place to stay. Being ready entails having the appropriate items for the right place at the right time.

Today’s mission is simple…I’m here to share a well detailed summer packing checklist to make your holidays seamless. The packing list will include all the essentials you need, plus additional items that might come in handy. 

It’s best practice to download the list via THIS LINK, as it makes it easier to check off items while you pack. Otherwise, you might just take a screen shot of the image below to guide you…


summer packing list

Feel free to share your summer must have travel items in the comments, just incase i missed it on the list!

Even though there is an ongoing pandemic, most people have resumed travel and packing the right item is something that will surely kepp you safe and protect you from the virus. It is very important that you have the items under the health che cklist handy if you are travelling especially now. Since we do not know when this will get back to normal i strongly advice that you are prepared and well protected while travelling.

P/S If you are not sure on where to go this summer, here is some inspiration for you!

Happy traveling!



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