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Prince A.

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My wife & I were visited the South of France for the first time and this trip was one of my best moments in Europe, though it was a short 2day trip but Sarah made sure it was all shades of exciting. From the home made french cuisine, to the fine dining experiences along the beautiful streets of Nice old town. Not to mention the boat cruise along the Cote d’Azur and she booked us a train ride to nearby Monaco for a quick day tour. Afterwards we headed to explore the beautiful city of Paris with all the recommendations and tips from Sarah! I totally recommend “BudgetingMyTrip”!!!


My trip to Nice and Barcelona was an exhilarating experience , it was such a delight to explore the azure coast on an affordable boat cruise. I also loved the trip to Monte Carlo which was pretty close by. In all, it was worth the trip. I’ll always opt to go back there sometime in the future


My visit to the French Riviera was WONDERFUL! I am not saying this because its my daughter’s page, but it was actually a pleasant trip. Sarah took me to explore every where and did i mention that Monaco did make me feel like a billionaire… I totally recommend BudgetingMyTrip!



My experience in France and Italy was amazing! With Sarah’s tips & recommendations i was able to Visit beautiful places in Lyon, Paris, Turin and Rome. Shopped at some beautiful malls at amazing pricesEven though I don’t understand the language I was able to enjoy my vacation. The Europeans were very hospitable and receptive. …. Did I mention their pastries…. They were sooooo nice… At the end of the vacation I added a few pounds 😄😄😄


France is an experience to be had, not told. The beautiful cities of Lyon, Nice and Monaco were a pleasure to visit. The markets and monuments in the old towns, especially Vieux Nice were a dream. Paris is all its hyoed up to be, and more! Having Sarah as my guide during the trip made it even more fun! She understands the language and people, and knew all the right spots to visit. I definitely have a 2nd France tour in my bucket list




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