I Love LOVE! Absolutely and sincerely… Be it an affair with myself or a significant other, romance is something I truly enjoy. With myself, I go to the SPA, enjoy a hammam  bath and an oily massage. Or it could just be a long dreamy walk down a beautiful park filled with butterflies and chirping birds. But if I’ve got a BOO somewhere around, then of course we can steal a kiss beneath a bridge or make a wish by a magical spring.

So on today’s post we will be looking at the best cities to celebrate love in.  I have got you covered if you are a lone traveler seeking a self-love experience, a booed up traveler seeking to make some lasting memories or a couple seeking the best honeymoon destination. Hence, in the spirit of love, I present to you my top 5 destinations for celebrating the magic called love.


cities to celebrate love

Venice, Italy.

The charming city of Venice is perfect for lovers. Romantic, historic, and gorgeous! The canals, the gondolas, the architecture, the very colourful islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello…what is not to love about this city??? It combines the beauty of the sea and the colors of flowers to give you a truly breath taking experience. If you are single, or even a couple, you can never go wrong with Venice.

My favorite activities in Venice:

-Steal a kiss while walking down Venice’s beautiful bridges.

-Take the boat trip to beautiful Islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello

-Watch the sky turn to a beautiful piece of art as the sun sets.

-An early morning gondola ride with a singing Italian man (complete with the accent)

-Wander and get lost as discover the wonders of the city

-Eat a very delicious Italian cuisine in a small but cozy local restaurant.

Paris, France

“Ici c’est Paris”...The iconic city of love and light will always be a lover’s dream destination. And this is for all the right reasons. The beautiful artsy neighborhood of Montmartre lined with its perfect cobbled stones have seen many lovers walked upon it. The Eiffel Towel has seen countless proposals and declaration of eternal love. Infact, every bridge in Paris houses a padlock of lovers wishing eternity on their relationships, and almost every street houses a beautiful restaurant with delightful lovers experience. Want to feel the true spirit of love, then go to Paris!

My favorite activities in Paris:

-Visit the “I LOVE YOU WALL” and see the words “I love you” written/carved in every language of the world!

-Take a romantic sunset dinner cruise on the Seine (I can never get tired of this)

-Feel like a French heir as you explore the magnificiant Chateau de Versailles including its maze-like garden (One of the best Palaces I have ever seen)

-Visit the Eiffel at night when it’s lighted, apparently its a thing lol!

-Steal a kiss or two at the “Love Lock Bridge”

-Enjoy a romantic picnic date at Luxemborg Garden

-Dinner with the best of wines in a typical Parisenne restaurant.

Cape Roca, Portugal

Honestly, Portugal is heavily underrated. You can visit the end of the world known as Cape Roca, in Sintra area of Portugal. Cape Roca is the perfect destination for celebrating love and all it represents as the Atlantic Ocean gives your love wings to fly.

Cape Roca is beautifully nestled atop a magnificent mountain that ends at the foot of the blue Atlantic ocean. Picture yourself, standing there, holding your lovers hands, and creating memories that will stay in your hearts and soul forever.

My favorite activities in Cape Roca:

-Stand atop the mountain, holding hands while whispering love into the Atlantic Ocean.

-Enjoy the privacy of the magnificent evening starry sky. Just you, your lover and the twinkles.

-Having a quite outdoor dinner while listening to waves splash against the mountains.

-Absorb the iconic views by the beautiful beach side

-Scuba dive in the blue ocean or indulge in other aqua activities.

best cities to celebrate loveKyoto, Japan

When people think love, they don’t think Asia. Well let me introduce you to tranquil, beautiful, fresh Kyoto, a nice little city in Japan. Kyoto is home to most beautiful Botanical Gardens in the world. You know, Monaco has a replica of one of Kyoto’s gardens. So if you and your lover appreciate quite, nature and flowers, Kyoto is the place to go. A plus idea is engaging your lover in the traditional Japanese public bath. Awww!!!

My favorite activities in Kyoto:

-Enjoy the picturesque views of the Japenese gardens while taking a walk.

-Spend a day at Kyoto imperial Palace.

-Catch a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery of Arashiyama.

-A quick date with the God of love at Jishu Shrine.

-Pick fresh flowers as you take a romantic stroll through the Bamboo Forest.

-Spend some good time at a traditional bath house and relax.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is an adventurous city that will enchant any lover of life and activity. From exploring the famous Morrocan markets, to watching the amazing snake charmers, Marrakech is definately a place to celebrate love. You get to stay in charming boutique hotels known as “riads” and experience breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. It’s for sure a perfect location to create the perfect memories!

My favorite activities in Marrakech:

-See the beauty of Marrakech under you with a sunset hot air baloon ride.

-Watch the snake charmers and be amazed

-Enjoy a full SPA treatment as Moroccans do it best.

-Sip some Moroccan coffee in the square

-Take a trip to the El-Badi Palace

-Watch the landscape of the Sahara

-Go fabric shopping in Marrakech’s market, it’s really fun!
Now that I have shared my top 5 cities to celebrate love, I’m eager to hear about yours. So,what is your favorite love destination and why?


  • 23rd February 2020

    although my romantic treat was showing me a calm flowing stream in Wulko village, Nassarawa state. But I do think I love the idea of cape roca because I love water as I be fish! ?

  • Frederick

    23rd February 2020

    Fantastic narration!.. Very luring. Perhaps I would have to visit all of these Top 5 places to come up with my Top 5 too..?

  • Nolan

    28th February 2020

    OMG now I want to go to all 5 destinations. Thanks Sarah for always coming through

  • Damilola Kuteyi

    20th March 2020

    Definitely visiting the “i love you” wall in France…and then Marrakech for me…and then when the boo finally comes :D, we’ll do all 5 locations.
    Thanks Sarah..
    *resumes wait for the boo..*


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