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Solo travel Just like a blank check! What could be more liberating?

For 8 years now, I have been a solo traveler. It is the sole most contributing source of my adventures and most thrilling travel experiences. Solo travelling is truly an exciting phenomena. For so many it is a dream and for others they simply can’t imagine it. Truthfully, like with everything else it’s got its pros and cons. On today’s post we will be discussing the pros and cons of solo travelling.




When travelling solo there is only one person that needs the logistic arrangement and that person is you! So no arguing over activities, or having long waiting periods while your friend dances with whales haha. I mean, you get the point. It’s your schedule so you best decide how to maximize and enjoy an awesome vacation. While travelling solo, everything is done at your own pace and on your own terms.

Another major advantage is that you can do just about anything on a whim. This is because you are not planning anything around anybody else but you. The word I am looking for here is freedom


There’s a huge fallacy that solo travel means always being alone. While there are some very solo times, solo travel is often done with other people that you meet along the line. Infact to me this is the most exciting part of the journey.

The best way to meet other amazing travelers or fun groups is by joining organized tours, staying in a hostel or downloading the useful apps for solo travellers. That way you can meet people who care about the same things that you do, and share unforgettable moments with them. Truly I’ve met some of the world’s most incredible people while traveling solo over the years.


As a solo traveler, you have to deal with problems by yourself. There’s no better way to develop a truly independent and flexible character than when you have no choice but to do so.

Solo travel brings out your inner maturity and helps you see how truly strong you are. It teaches you the world from your own perspective and helps you form your own truth.

On the other hand it also challenges you to overcome your fears. No matter how small or huge that fear is, there is a level of fulfilment that comes with overcoming it.

Fact is, you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. And traveling solo simply helps you discover some attributes you never knew you possessed.




I don’t know about you, but on this end photos are a big deal lol. For the solo traveler it is wonderful taking pictures of things and places, but when it comes to taking pictures of yourself, that’s a whole new prayer point…

I have met the angry photographer, the impatient photographer and the truly horrible no good at taking photos photographer. BUT, occasionally an angel of pictures will come through for you. I repeat, occasionally!

Travelling with friends gives you very loyal photographers for free, you can’t miss that especially if you are a “photoholic” like me.

P/S- We found a GOOD TIP THAT WORKS: Look out for either couples/travelers in pairs, or solo travellers. Kindly suggest to take the pair a photo together, and watch them reciprocate with so much energy. In reality, they also need you just like you need them hahaha!


When travelling alone safety is more of an issue. Solo travelers are often more at risk of being robbed or attacked because being alone puts you in a very vulnerable spot. The tip is to be cautious, do your research, ask all the right questions before travelling and avoid looking like a tourist. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of safety measures to help you travel without worries.


Sometimes travelling solo means you get to miss out on some luxuries if you must save cost. For example paying for an entire apartment on Airbnb can be cheaper when split in a group than paying for hostel/hotel alone.

In addition, several restaurants and tourist activities offer great discounts for groups especially during peak periods. So generally, simply being able to split the cost with friends or family can be both cheaper and slightly more posh. To help you save cost while you travel solo, here is a very helpful post on budget traveling.


To conclude, suffice it to say that the pros and cons of travelling solo do not outweigh each other. The ultimate hack is to find how to enjoy the pros while mitigating against the cons.

If you have not yet embacked on your first solo trip, this detailed guide is all you need to get prepared for that experience!

Feel free to let us know if you prefer solo travel or group travel and why?



  • 9th February 2020

    I totally love solo travelling, it helps me save time and enjoy it while I travel because I easily get bored of one activity. Travelling with a friend that talks too much is the worst thing that can happen to my destiny! ??

  • Tutu O.

    9th February 2020

    Yes yes and yes!!! As a solo tripper myself, I couldn’t agree more!

  • Ebi

    9th February 2020

    Good one


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