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Who missed reading about my crazy experiences??? Well by October I have a lot to share with you all ?

Any ways today’s post is chilled, and would challenge you to have fun. Why? Because life is too short!

How to achieve your bucket list

Enjoy Life!

If you ask me, there are somethings you must at least attempt to do in life before you “kick the bucket“…Reason why i am daring you to start ticking your bucket list! Today i’m here to show you how to achieve your bucket list. Let’s face it, having a bucket list makes life more spicy and interesting. I mean we all know that the world is a beautiful place. Every town, city, country and continent has millions of stories and a lifetime of adventures to offer anyone who will dare take on the challenge. But, like every other thing we simply cannot have it all, however we can try and what better way to try than creating your own BUCKET LIST.

On today’s post I will be sharing my own bucket list and giving you juicy tips on how to go about developing and implementing your own bucket list. Sit tight, enjoy and learn how to achieve your bucket list.


My Bucket List

My list ranges from the simplest things like learning to ride a bike to the most daring adventures like swimming with sharks…lol. When I created this list 2 years ago some goals seemed unattainable, but one thing I have realised is that each time a goal is achieved, the feeling of accomplishment challenges me to continue ticking up the other goals.


Well, here are some tips for implementing your dream bucket list;

  • Don’t be afraid to set BIG goals: After identifying the things you love, you should set your goals. According to Dr Sharp the biggest reason bucket lists make us happy is the process of identifying and achieving goals.

“A bucket list is similar to setting goals and we know from the research that the act of setting and committing to goals increases our chances of achieving them and, therefore, of enjoying happiness,” he explains.

  • Outline a budget by researching the cost, time and effort: Many a times we tend to feel somethings are not attainable. If you love to travel, simple tips from my post on budget travel can help you achieve your travel goal. For adventure lovers my post on making extra cash can contribute to realising that dream of yours.
  • Prioritise and Schedule: Look at your bucket list and ask your self questions like- At this moment in my life what goal is more realistic for me? Choose your goals accordingly as we all have a life outside travel and adventures.
  • Break the goal into small steps: As simple as ABC. You wish to travel to all the continents? Take time to break it down by starting from the smallest steps. Don’t stress about the big picture.
  • GO! -The most important part of the list is to START. All i can say it there that the perfect moment doesn’t exist.  The time will never be right. Eventually never happens. Tomorrow never comes. So don’t wait just GO!
  • Track you progress: No matter how little that progress may seem, it is still worth celebrating. I learnt to ride a bike at age 28 and I am proud of my self. The list might take time but keep track and celebrate your victories.

How to achieve your bucket list

This might seem like a very insignificant topic, but trust me there is an inexplicable level of satisfaction that comes with achieving goals set, no matter how little the task seems. Above all, that gratifying feeling of turning dreams into reality is priceless! I challenge you to start today since you now know how to achieve your bucket list. ???? HERE

According to Dr. Mirgain, “A bucket list is a way of keeping us grounded”, yes! It’s a sure way of connecting with something that is greater than yourself. In addition, a bucket list helps you keep abreast with what is important to your own self actualisation asides the norm of course. And research has it that there is a direct link between bucket list and goal achievement.

If you are reading this it means travel is important to you, so why not create a bucket list of adventurous travels for yourself?

For those who already have a bucket list please share thoughts in the comment section of your most daring goal 🙂


Sarah D.


  • 8th September 2019

    I started my bucket list in 1986 only back then it was a wish list. Almost 34 years later and I’m still chopping and changing it. I’ve backpacked around the world. Spent half my life in the Uk and the other half based in New Zealand. Most exciting things were camping above the snow line in the American Rockies and having my backpack raided while camping in New Hampshire…by a bear, while i slept oblivious only a few feet away. The bear was NOT on my wish list. ?

  • Tutu O.

    7th October 2019

    Sarah, there’s a chain of dormant/extinct volcanoes in Clermont-Ferrand (my city) and it’s been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage! 😀


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