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Happy New Year! If you are reading this, it means you are a travel lover. So this year I wish you many more adventures, undiluted fun and amazing travel experiences! Welcome to 2020!!!

The vision this year on our end is simple and very clear;

“To demystify travel through my content, by providing every needed information at your finger tips. I want my travel tribe to create their own travel experiences seamlessly without breaking the bank”

Without wasting any more time let’s dive into the topic of today’s post; Travel Inspirations in Europe. Have you ever felt like travelling but for some reasons, you just didn’t know where exactly to go? Often times, it’s normal for us as humans to get some sort of inspiration before indulging in an activity, trip, task etc…Which is why today I have chosen this topic!

Budget Travel Inspirations in Europe

As a budget traveler, I can confidently tell you that it is very possible to pull off a budget trip to almost every destination in Europe. Why? Because there’s very easy connections for transportation, tons of cheap lodging options, free activities and cheap food.  That been said here are top 3 budget Travel Inspirations in Europe in 2O2O;

  • Malaga, Spain; One of the most beautiful locations Spain can boost of. From the fascinating yellow sand beaches to the luxurious but yet affordable life style.With a budget of around 250euros, you can comfortably enjoy a 3-4 days vacation in Malaga. Prices includes off course lodging in a good hotel/Airbnb, feeding, and flexing lol. You can never go wrong with Malaga trust me.

*Quick Tip– While in Malaga, it only cost around 2 euros to visit the other enchanting jewels in Costa de Sol like Marbella, Torremolinos, Bernamaden etc…So as a budget traveller it’s wise to see everything in just one trip.

  • Krakow, Poland; For the budget traveller in Europe, Krakow is indeed a breath of fresh air. One of the underrated cities in Central Europe, Krakow is charming and vibrant with perhaps the finest Old towns you can ever see in the World!!! If you love fairy-tale architecture, insane desserts, stunning countryside and a rich history then don’t miss a trip there! It boasts of a very rich culture and the food is damn good!! With a budget of around 250euros, you can comfortably enjoy a 3-4 days vacation in Krakow? Prices includes off course lodging in a good hotel/Airbnb, feeding, and inter-city transportation.
  • Budapest, Hungary– As budget travel European cities keep getting more expensive, Budapest remains one of the cheapest and most amazing destinations in Europe. Maybe this post about Budapest and my wonderful experience can inspire you to have a taste of this rare gem in Central Europe.
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Family Travel Inspirations in Europe

The goal of a family vacation is simply to create exciting memories together. In addition to this you get to relax and have a good time without stress. The key word here is; eliminating the usual daily stress and taking time off to rejuvenate. Good news is Europe is home to so many mind blowing destinations therefore it’s easy to find the ideal location for a family.

  • Nice, France; The famous French Riviera is top on the list for many reasons. One being that it is family friendly. It offers the most iconic views, stunning beaches and an endless list of things to enjoy as a family. Surprisingly if you are visiting during off season, Nice is not as expensive as many presume. I must underline that one outstanding feature Nice has is the simplicity to commute. When traveling as a family, the least you need is the hassle of hopping from a bus to the metro or communicating long distances. The is why I picked Nice. It simplifies travel for the family.

*Suggestion: The French Riviera is surrounded by so many mind blowing locations, so if Nice seems too busy for your family, you can opt for close locations like Villeneuve, Antibes, Juan Les Pins etc

  • Rust, Germany (EuroPark); If you want adrenaline filled activities with kids, Europark is absolutely a must see! It has very high capacity rollercoasters and attractions and would make you feel like a child again. Good thing is even around it’s environs a lot of fun activities are available to help you unwind and create life time memories.
  • Lisbon, Portugal; The South America of Europe as it is called is always a hit and never a miss. Lisbon offers visitors an unmatched richness and exotic ambiance. The weather is always on point and as a family you can enjoy a long list of activities. It’s also not a very expensive city during the off season. Here is a guide we have put together to give you more exciting and useful info about Lisbon.
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Luxury Travel Inspirations

Once in every while we all deserve a taste of luxury. If that’s your case this year, then here are some top luxury Travel Inspirations in Europe. 

Suffice it to say that for luxury travels it is always best to book all inclusive packages. In other words that’s how you get the best deals. Sites like Secret Escape offer amazing deals.

  • The Greek Islands; These islands are a unique phenomenon in Europe. When you think about a luxurious holiday, the Greek Islands come top on the list. The private islands with clear emerald waters, affluent resorts and idyllic sandy beaches. The Greek Island is nothing but the perfect escape to PARADISE! Some of the best Islands include; Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos etc
  • The Swiss Alps; The word is EXTRAVAGANCE! The celebrities know better…This is one of the most glamorous destinations in Europe. Enchanting chalets, mind blowing SPA’s, stunning wellness resorts, and fabulous Ski towns. The Swiss Alps is definitely a place to see at least once in a life time. Top destinations include Zermatt St.Moritz, Basel, Bad Ragaz, etc.
  • Positano, Italy; Luxury at it’s finest is what the upscale village Positano is known for. With it’s vivid blue waters and stunning scenery, this affluent village is a true definition of the luxurious lifestyle. From iconic views, to quaint old towns to some of the best beaches that you will find anywhere in Europe. For someone seeking to enjoy an elegant holiday, think no more because Positano is the place.

So guys, any time during the year, when you feel unsure of where to visit, I hope this this article on Travel Inspirations in Europe will lead you somewhere!

Didn’t find any inspiration? Here is our Destination Guide with a wide range of options to help you.

Bon Voyage…

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  • Liz

    6th January 2020

    Thank you for the inspiration Sarah

  • Benny

    6th January 2020

    Always wanted to vacation in the Swiss Alps, time to work harder this year!!!

  • Fred

    6th January 2020

    Okay o… More adventurous travels this year…??

  • Tutu O.

    6th January 2020

    Always such a pleasure to read! Notes taken for this year! Haha.


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