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Today I will be sharing a list of visa free countries for Nigerians. Have you ever been to a mind-blowing destination and you notice you are either the only black person, or among the few blacks. Then you realise oh…visa wahala (struggles). As a result of these visa struggles my people do not really explore this beautiful world. Sad!

I will not even sugar coat it…the struggle with the ‘Green passport’ is more than real. As a green passport holder, exploring the world can be daunting as the travel restrictions and visa issues are simply frustrating. I mean sometimes it can be a major setback and source of discouragement to travel lovers. But regardless we move!!!

Guys, remember my crazy fake visa experience to Canada? Or when I got bounced in Croatia?  Well, experiences like that motivated me to research on easy travel destinations for Nigerians who love to travel but don’t have the grace for the whole visa hassle.

My beloved Nigerians both home and abroad (in the EU precisely), today I will be sharing with you a detailed list of visa free countries for Nigerians. Places that you can easily visit without a visa. Or with just your Schengen visa/EU permit.

visa free countries for Nigerians.

Category one – Countries outside Africa; visa free countries for Nigerians.

  • Antigua: Beautiful Island in the Caribbean with lots of fantastic beaches and the most romantic resorts.
  • Barbados: Nigerians can visit this beautiful Caribbean country for up to 6 months without a visa. Barbados, is a beautiful island known for its iconic parties, amazing beaches, rich history and delectable sea food.
  • Costa Rica: ‘Think Pura Vida’…Think Costa Rica. With your EU permit, you can explore this part of Central America with out a visa
  • Cyprus: Aside the beaches and clear waters, With the historical monuments and culture, Cyprus takes you on a travel to the past.
  • Dominica: A hub for party lovers and lovers of life, this beautiful country is visa free for 21 days.
  • Fiji: Fiji Island, an absolute display of Nature in all its beauty. This Island located on the South Pacific Ocean allows Nigerians Visit for a total of 4 months without a Visa. What more can you ask for?
  • Mexico: Let’s talk about paradise…Cancun, Talum, Puerto Morelos and many more! You can explore all that beauty with just having a temporary EU permit or Schengen visa.
  • Maldives: Everybody loves Maldives. It’s a lover’s favorite hideout, as well as the newlyweds Moon destination and for the solo traveler it is simply a delight. Maldives has some of the best tourist experience on the planet and this south Asians country is visa free for up to 30 days.
  • Micronesia: Located in Oceania. This unpopular travel destination, is truly a travellers delights. For 30 days you can stay in Micronesia and enjoy it blue seas, awesome deep diving adventures and of course fresh lobsters.
  • Panama: The amazing Panama Canal. Great outdoor sports & activities. For budget travellers this is a wallet friendly destination.
  • Most countries in Europe but outside the Schengen zone like; Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, etc.


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Category Two- Countries within Africa.

Nigerians can off course travel between the countries using ECOWAS passport, so here is a list of additional African countries to explore.

  • Burundi: Nigerians can visit culturally dazzling Burundi for as long as 30 days without a visa. Burundi boasts of beautiful crafts like baskets, pottery, masks and shield. In addition Burundi is steeped in a rich oral tradition which embodies centuries of storytelling, drumming and music.
  • Comoros: The country of white beaches, volcanoes and huge bats welcomes green passport holders. With a guaranteed visa on arrival, Comoros is a country where all your dream can be fulfilled.
  • Cape Verde: Cape Verde and its beautiful waterfalls doesn’t require a visa from Nigerians, however, you will need to present a return ticket and proof of funds, with that you will be free to explore the amazing scenery Cabo has to offer.
  • Kenya: From Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya the jewel of Eastern Africa gives automatic Visas for up to 90 days. Kenya is the go to destination for all, most importantly lovers of the Safari and deserts.


Category Three- Easy visa countries (On arrival or Online)

-Columbia, Cambodia, Turkey, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates are certainly easy to obtain a visa.

To sum up people, it’s time to forgive your dear parents for giving birth to you in the motherland.? Time to look on the bright side of creating new adventures with your famous green P…(pun intended)!

PS – Always verify that laws have not changed. In other words before you purchase a ticket to travel be well updated. Also for most countries, you will need to have a return ticket before you can be allowed in.


Sarah D!



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    Thanks for the tips!! May God epp us with our famous green P ??

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    28th July 2019

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    28th July 2019

    Thanks for this list Sarah! This will be my go-to list for trips! <3

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    28th July 2019

    Most def loving this and it’s making major sense to me cos I’m not about that ‘cut throat peace stealing luxurious’ spending lifestyle.
    Way to go Sarah ?

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