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Hey guys,

Oh yea, there is an ongoing pandemic and we all know that! Nevertheless, some countries have been declared safe zones to travel. So on this end, i’ve slowly resumed my travel adventures, but only focused on Europe for now.

These past weeks, i embarked on what i would call a travel experiment, just to experience what travel seems like during the pandemic.One of the countries i touched was Greece (Athens and Santorini). Suffice it to say that it exceeded my expections, which is why on today’s post, I will tell you why you need visit Greece now if you get a chance.

Greece…stunning calderas, magnificent sunsets, breathtaking views, idyllic beaches and the list goes on and on….But truthfully, all that cannot be properly enjoyed if you go at the wrong time!

Visiting Greece during the pandemic


Less people – Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and in summer it’s almost impossible to catch your breath because of the crowd. Additionally, there are also many cruise ships docking in Greece so that adds to the over population. Currently, due to the pandemic, Greece doesn’t have as much tourists visiting which is really cool as it elimitates the stress of waiting in queues, and gives you enough time to absorb and enjoy the beauty of the country. Not to forget also the ease of taking breathtaking photos without interruptions.

✤ Great discounts – As a result of the plummet in the number of visitors, vendors are experiencing lower sales. And in order to lure more customers, vendors are offering enticing deals to tourists. For instance, many restaurants are offering 10-15% discounts, free desserts and/or a welcome drink/free shots

✤ Safety measures – It’s top priority to stay safe while traveling during a pandemic. And in Greece, there is a very good preventative measure in place to protect travelers from the virus. Prior to the trip, there’s a PLF form you fill online and upon arrival at the airport there is a free random testing for COVID. Everywhere in the city, you would find hand sanitizers, free face masks in shops, social distancing etc.

Affordable – Currently, you’ll find cheap tickets to and from Greek cities and Islands. As cheap as 9,99euros on Ryanair and Wizz air. What a better time to take advantage of flight deals. You would also find good quality lodging options for reasonable prices this summer as opposed to prior summers.

Welcoming – In general, the people of Greece seemed very friendly and welcoming especially with all going on in the world now. The locals were always willing to help out which made the trip to Greece unforgettable. 


Since the pandemic is still ongoing, you cannot completely feel safe while traveling and touring. Hence during the trip you still have to pay attention and be extremely responsible for your own health and safety. Another downside is that some touristic places or activities have limited access or are temporarily closed to the public as a result of the pandemic.

To conclude, although traveling now can seem like a daunting task, but I do think that with proper planning it is still possible to enjoy a holiday. Greece would be my summer 2020 recommendation as it was a breath of fresh air!

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  • Abisola

    18th August 2020

    Awwwn this is beautiful

  • Francisco

    18th August 2020

    Now i need to add Greece to my list ASAP ?

  • Frederick

    27th August 2020

    Sounds nice! You sidelined the guys. We need our own trip o…lol

  • 30th September 2020

    great read! I have also travelled to Greece recently, I have written a blog about it if you would like to have a look x


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